CCP Thug Threatens To Bar Hongkongers From Leaving

Author: FineFood

Just after the British government announced the plan of opening doors to Hongkongers and their dependents, CCP’s thug ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming, threatened to shut the gate in Hong Kong. The Radio French International reported that Liu lambasted the Britons by parroting the old clichés – that they could not forget their colonialist mindset, that the proposal was a serious intervention into the internal affairs of the CCP, that measures which purported to undermine or hinder the implementation of the national security law would receive a stern objection of the 1.4 billion Chinese people. Minister of the Foreign Affairs Dominic Raab confessed that little could be done if the CCP really close the frontier.

Boris Johnson’s cabinet had been noticeably clear from the first day. They considered the so-called national security law an obvious assault on Hong Kong’s autonomy, and thus a serious breach of the Joint Declaration. Therefore, arms must be widely opened to Hongkongers. Ignoring the CCP’s undertakings, Liu blamed the UK for stepping on the basic principles of international relations.

Liu is a good example for CCP’s banditry. They hold the 1.4 billion people as their hostages for exploiting benefits from the world; now they are going to add 7 million Hongkongers. They break their promises to the world while accusing others for violating international rules. Everybody is on their blaming list except the CCP themselves. If the world wishes to prosper again, world leaders must unite to oust this vandal from the international community and recognize a civilized player to represent the Chinese people, like the New Federal State of China.

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