【Debunked】37 Lies of the CCP – Episode 4: Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Regions

Author: 雨人   Call4wisdom

Editor: Seamoon

Editor’s note: On July 2, 2020, the CCP’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a statement on its official website claiming that the world, mainly U.S. and western countries, has wronged China on various issues related to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and the COVID-19 pandemic. There are 37 detailed claims in the statement and each one of them will be refuted with solid proof in four separate articles published on GNEWS. The forth episode continues the focus on Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Regions.

Lie No.27: Boarding schools are established to improve the quality of education and reduce the burdens on families. Students in Xinjiang go to school based on residency. Students who live close to school are day students. Students who live far away from the school are eligible for free meals and accommodation. The students and their guardians have the freedom to choose between the two options.

Debunk No.27: More than 1 million Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and other ethnic residents in Xinjiang have been sent to the “Re-education center” in Xinjiang. As a result of this, nearly 500,000 children were separated from their families. The purpose of building a boarding school is to brainwash children to obey the CCP’s rule to keep them away from family influences. As of early 2017, nearly 40% of school-age children were in compulsory education in Xinjiang, or about 497,800 students were sent to boarding schools. According to a New York Times, several Uighurs who are now living abroad disclosed that the CCP sent their children to boarding schools without their consent.

Lie No.28: The CCP’s birth planning program has long favored ethnic minorities, including Uyghurs.

Debunk No.28: The Associated Press reported that the CCP has imposed severe birth restrictions on Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang in the past few years. They adopted measures such as detention and forced sterilization. These have caused a sudden drop in fertility in the local Uyghur gathering areas. The CCP’s move may be part of de-Muslimization to reduce the Muslim population. The Associated Press reported that 149 out of the 484 detainees in Moyu County, Xinjiang were arrested due to breaching the CCP’s birth control restrictions. Seven former detainees told revealed that they had been forcibly fed contraceptives and were injected with drugs without official explanation. Some of them were no longer able to bear children after their release.

Lie No.29: Xinjiang is one of the five minority autonomous regions in China, with a Muslim population of nearly 60%. China pursues a system of regional ethnic autonomy, adheres to the equality of all ethnic groups, and protects the legitimate rights and interests of ethnic minorities. Freedom of religion or belief is fully supported in Xinjiang.

Debunk No.29: The so-called five minority autonomous regions in China are completely under the guise of the CCP deceiving the world. All power and government institutions are controlled by the CCP. These so-called chairmen or representatives are nothing more than loyal puppets of ethnic minorities selected by the CCP. They will only execute or vote in accordance with the requirements of the CCP. Freedom of religion or belief is just a big joke to them. The CCP will never allow people to have any freedom of religion or belief since it wants to be the ultimate divine presence.

Lie No.30: The regional authority has achieved effective control in Xinjiang region during the Corona Virus Pandemic. There were 76 cases of infection in total with 73 being cured and 3 resulting in death. Zero onset has been kept for 130 days up until the end of June 2020.The Chairman of the Uyghurs Autonomous Region said in December 2019 that the risk of outbreak on a large scale was impossible since the term of the Vocational Education and Training had finished.

Debunk No.30: Firstly, the Uyghurs’ living conditions have been reported as overcrowded, so isolation to prevent the virus spreading is almost impossible. Secondly, they have been reported as being forced to continue working during the early stage of the Epidemic. Thirdly, they are not only confined to Xinjiang, since a video has been recorded showing that they have relocated from their home province to different regions of China in large numbers while these regions were under quarantine, and travel was restricted.

Lie No.31: The Government has never limited the freedom of travel for people from any ethnic group including Uyghurs.  It has also never limited them from contacting their family overseas.The families of fugitive Uyghurs who have left China live ordinary lives. The reported “disappearing” cases are false. The sources of the claim came from the “East-Turkystan” separatists.It has also claimed as false a report from the Australia Broadcast Company regarding a Chinese citizen Aizimait Wumaier (艾孜買提·吾買爾), who was living in Australia and had lost contact with his father and other family members. It denied the list of “Uyghurs prosecuted by the Chinese government” as provided by the “World Uighur Congress”, with demonstrations held while the United Nations Human Right Council was holding its meeting in Feb 2020.

Debunk No.31: David Kilgour, a lawyer who has served in Canada’s House of Commons stated that an “estimated 1-3 million Uyghurs are held in hundreds of camps… inmates arrested by police without any hearing, trial or appeal – a practice invented in Stalin’s Soviet Union and adopted in Hitler’s Third Reich.” Some inmates are detained for such reasons as contacting friends or relatives abroad, travelling to a foreign country, growing beards, and attending religious gatherings. Sentencing include short term custody, lengthy incarceration, and the death sentence. In addition to these escalating forms of punishment, detention at the Educational Camps often results in the inmates disappearing, since Uyghurs living overseas would lose contact with their family in China. Naturally, this has cause huge concern in the outside world.

International legal standards are clear on the issue of arbitrary detention. The right to be free from arbitrary or unlawful deprivation of liberty is now an established principle of human rights and Customary International Law. The principle has been clearly set out in Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), stating that “everyone has the right to liberty and security of person.”

Lie No. 32: China is ruled by laws. Citizen’s freedom and right of exit and entry of borders is protected by the law. Overseas embassies apply the regulation in accordance with The People’s Republic of China (PRC). Border Exit-Entry Law, and The PRC Passport Law, protects the rights of the ethnic minority from Xinjiang region and other Chinese who live abroad. All Chinese who have not violated the laws have the right to request the renewal of their passport from Chinese embassies and most applications will be granted. Terrorists and religious extremist suspects are excluded.

Debunk No.32: The China laws are made, interpreted, implemented, and imposed by the single party led state, since there is no independent judicial department to scrutinize the laws. Neither are there judicial rights to prevent the abuse of the law or to protect innocents.  Ostensibly in the name of state security and to protect against terrorist threats, other Chinese laws can be overridden. Uyghurs who live abroad may be subjected to the invalidation of their passports when travelling outside of China and revealing the true nature of the Education Camps, resulting in their forced return to the mainland.  This usually results in imprisonment in said Training camps or stronger forms of incarceration.

Lie No. 33:The report of “The Moyu list- analysis of Detention movement in Xinjiang China”was created by the Intelligence department of the USA, and was a fabrication based upon “the list of detainees in the Vocational Education and Training Centre in Moyu Town with relatives who are currently fugitives.” This report was originally created by the East- Turkystan Independence movement.Most of the 311 listed people reside in Moyu Town, Bositan Community, and normally work there, never having joined the Vocational Education and Training Program. Only a few of the inhabitants were under the influence of religious extremism, having committed minor crimes and as a result received training in accordance with the law. Only 19 out of the 311 people have relatives abroad and have never received the training.

Debunk No.33: The 311 people on the list are willing to provide their full names to the international press, despite the risk of persecution by the CCP. If the CCP claims that the report is false, why do they not allow these people to be interviewed and their statements published? Instead, the CCP has abused their power and authority in order to monitor and control their population through advanced surveillance technology.

One of the characteristic tactics of the CCP, whenever they face international accusations of wrongdoing, is to claim the report is false and foreign intelligence services are working against the Chinese government to discredit their laws and regulations. With their own population, they typically avoid tackling the core issues and use deflection to steer their people’s attention in other directions.  In the example cited above, this conceals the clear breach of human rights, and the genocide of an ethnic group.

To the credit of the USA, the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020 (Bipartisan Bill) was passed on June 17th 2020. This bill imposes sanctions on foreign individuals and entities responsible for human rights abuses in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region and requires various reports on the topic. On this occasion, those CCP officials who are responsible for the genocide will have to face justice brought about through the instigation of this bill. Let’s wait and see…

Lie No. 34: No family members ofRebiya Kadeer ( 热比亚) have been detailed. They live freely in Xinjiang, and have asked Rebiy Kadeer to stop spreading rumours, and have warned her to leave them in peace. 

Debunk No.34: Rebiya Kadeer ( 热比亚) is a former member of the Chinese Communist Political Consultative Conference (PCC), and was at one time ranked the fifth richest person in mainland China; she is also a leading representative for upholding legal rights for the Uyghur community. She has witnessed and exposed the once promised autonomy for the Xinjiang region becoming an autocracy, with peaceful marches for petition turning into one-sided gun battles with heavy handed arrests and detention. As a result, many of Rebiya Kadeer’s (热比亚)  family were being detained without any hearing or trial.

Lie No. 35: Furhait Jiaodait (甫尔海提·教待提), Ailapoti Airken (艾拉帕提·艾尔肯), Zaomure Dawut (早木热·达吾提)are members of the notorious “World Uyghur Congress”, who are professional separatists that have fabricated the story about their family.Their family are all staying at home and keeping in touch with them. They live and work normally. The death of some of the family was due to suffering from an illness. The Father of Alapati Airken (艾拉帕提·艾尔肯) has been sentenced for participation in acts of terrorism. Alapoti’s mother has warned him not to follow his father’s footsteps since this has caused harm to Chinese society, and his father has been deservedly punishment. Ailapoti is full of regret and would like to withdraw his membership from the Congress as soon as possible. Zumrat Dawut(早木热·达吾提)’s father had been staying at home with his children. He suffered from heart disease and died at the hospital in October 2019, at the age of 80.

Debunk No.35: The World Uyghur Congress is an international organisation of exiled Uyghur groups. It describes itself as a non-violent and peaceful movement that opposes what it considers to be the Chinese occupation of East Turkestan, advocating the rejection of totalitarianism, religious intolerance and terrorism as an instrument of policy.

The family members of overseas Uyghurs have been intimidated, detained, taken into custody or forced to work in factories within the camps. They received re-education, and have been indoctrinated in the camps. For those who are allowed to stay at home, their daily activities are watched by surveillance cameras, telephone conversations are monitored, and tight restrictions are applied to travel and use of internet. They could be punished if they are found to have kept in contact with their families overseas. 

With regard to the elderly father of Zumrat Dawut(早木热·达吾提)he had been held in custody for investigation numerous times and died of unknown causes. There is a high amount of suspicion that this involved torture.

Zumrat (早木热) is just one example of numerous cases of family persecution.

Lie No. 36: Mutalifu Nuermaimaiti (木他力甫·努尔麦麦提) had never studied in the Education and Training Camp. On December 2018, he died of acute alcohol intoxication, alcohol encephalopathy, acute respiratory failure, acute gastro-enteric tract bleed.

Nuermaimaiti (努尔买买提·托合提) has never studied in the camp. He had suffered from coronary heart disease for over 20 years and had been staying at the hospital for long term rehabilitation. He had an onset of acute cardiac infarction.  A resuscitation attempt was unsuccessful and he died after being sent to the hospital on May 31st 2019.

Shayilaguli (沙依拉古丽) was suspected of fraud. She illegally left the border through Kazakhstan to escape prosecution. She had never been detained or imprisoned, so her testimony was false.

Ayiti(艾依提) was suspected of endangering state security, and arrested in accordance with the law. He is currently in good health. In the video broadcasted on Feb 10th 2019, he said: “I am under investigation due to suspicion of violating of the law. My health condition is good, and has never been abused.”

Debunk No.36: Mutalifu Nuermaimaiti (木他力甫·努尔麦麦提) died 9 days after release from the Education and Training Centre.  Uyghur writer Nuermaimaiti (努尔买买提·托合提) died in the camp during his detention. Shayilaguli (沙依拉古丽) witnessed torture in the detention camp before fleeing from China. Ayiti (艾依提) was sentenced for 8 years, and died within the second year of imprisonment.

Torture in the camps had been reported and is widespread, with an increasing number of Uyghur dying in the camps. The testimony of camp survivors has given a glimpse into the repression of inmates, being deprived of food and sleep, compulsory political indoctrination and being forced to deny their language, religion and culture.  Reports state that girls are raped, and cruel physical punishment meted out to camp inhabitants at large.

Lie No.37:  Mireguli Tuershun (米日古丽·图尔荪), originates from Qiemo Town in Bazhou, Xinjiang. Due to the suspicion of inciting national hatred and discrimination she was taken in custody for 20 days. She was willing to give up her Chinese Nationality and held an Egyptian passport when she departed across the national border into self-imposed exile. She had never been in prison or the Vocational Educational and Training Centre. Her younger brother announced that “my sister was talking nonsense, that I was dead, and had seen somebody else who had died.”

Debunk No.37: The Uyghur girl Mireguli Tuershun (米日古丽·图尔荪) told of her experience in escaping from the camp, as depicted in the cartoon “My Witness- What Happened To Me”. She testified that she had witnessed the death of nine girls and that her brother had also been tortured to death in the camp.

The Uyghur who are still detained in the camps or under house arrest in China often have to denounce their family who have managed to flee from their homeland. This is to simply survive under the harsh treatment from the authorities. However the CCP’s cruel threats and actions will not prevail over people’s earnest desire to embrace freedom, uncover the truth, and continue their courageous crusade for justice.


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-Isabel Van Brugen from The Epoch Times

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