Police Arbitrary Arrest in Hong Kong

“It doesn’t mean you are not a ‘cockroach’ simply by working at a hair salon”

Even though the assembly at Victoria Park was conducted lawfully last Saturday (Nov 2), riot police thrusted into the Park and deployed tear gas against civilians. Subsequently, the police conducted large scale arrests at many districts. Around 4:00pm, a hair stylist who worked for a hair saloon called “Barber Shop” in Wanchai was arrested outside the shop. His colleagues reasoned with the police on site clarifying that the arrested hair stylist was working for the hair saloon. Yet the police arrogantly insulted the hair stylist that “it doesn’t mean you are not a ‘cockroach’ simply because you work at a hair salon.” The whole process was recorded by people who witnessed the incident on site. The video footage had been uploaded to social media.

The hair salon later issued a statement on social media:

“We had a very unfortunate experience today. One of our hairstylists on duty, while coming back from his lunch break, was misidentified and arrested in Wan Chai for no apparent reason. He was unable to defend himself even when his coworkers rushed out to confirm his employment. We will support him in any legal way and hope that he will return back to us as quickly as possible. Thank you for your concern.”

For more information: Apple Daily https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20191103/60226243


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Nov. 07, 2019