Interview of a Chinese child in poverty.

Recently, a grade-one girl was interviewed while she is resting on the mountain road.

In China, there are more than 60 million village children whose parents are working far away in big cities based on Chinese official data.

The Chinese Communist Party is a dictatorship regime that suppresses the development of the villages. No investment in the poor village makes the workable people rushing into the big cities. In the meantime, the regime sets a high barrier to the education of these migrant workers’ children! Their children can’t register for schools in the cities they are contributing to!

Therefore, these migrant parents’ kids live with their older grandparents in villages with extremely poor conditions. Worse than no social welfare, the city police rob their grandparents who want to sell self-made crops to make a living!

Conclusion. The Chinese Communist Party regime is kidnapping the poor Chinese, making them stay in poverty to enslave them. Don’t support this regime.

Author: GM09
Source: the main text room of VOG.

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