CCP’s War Plan Against the U.S.

GNews Nov 6, 2019

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) finalized its war plan against the U.S. during the 4th Plenary Session of the Party:

  1. Destroy the US Dollar via issuing cryptocurrency
  2. Destroy the U.S. as a country once the US Dollar as the international reserve currency is replaced by cryptocurrency.
  3. Order the Chinese state media to stop attacking President Trump. The CCP no longer sees President Trump as a big threat if the CCP can destroy the U.S. via cryptocurrency.

In summary, the CCP has moved its main battlefield to the U.S.

The CCP regards Mr. Steve Bannon and Mr. Miles Guo as obstacles, so it has launched a smear campaign to alienate them from their supporters and allies.

Here are two examples of the CCP’s latest attacks:

  • Try to prevent the Committee on the Present Danger China from meeting in New York on Nov 12.
  • Challenge and defame Steve Bannon. Here are two news articles attacking Steve Bannon。

News source: Miles Guo’s Live Stream on Nov 6

Here are two anti-Bannon news articles:

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