CCP-Virus Pandemic Daily Updates EP165 (July 8, 2020)

By VOG Video News Team


-The Foreign Ministry of the CCP responded that Navarro once again discredited China and became addicted to lies

-Pompeo: It’s these same kinds of broken promises that will lead the United States to take the right response with respect to Hong Kong’s new national security law.

-Fox:The world knows that we still have the preeminent fighting force on the face of the globe.This president has invested more in our military more in not only the hardware but the men and women who serve so sacrificial each and everyday

-Clearly was the trust to the Chinese communist party is over.
Going forward in the relationship.
They cannot be trusted.We have to hold them accountable.

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10 months ago

Appreciate your great job. The only solution to put down the virus is to take down the evil Chinese Communist Party first.

10 months ago

Floods and dam/reservoir failures will increase in China over the next 10 days due to the severe Monsoon weather. Add to that another earthquake (likely caused by dam building) near Three Gorges Dam July 8, 2020 of 4.7. Not Good. The water managed by the cascading dam systems, hundreds of them, are in danger. At one monitoring site, July 1 TGD had July 01 146.34 meters of water behind TGD dam, Yichang had 69.13 meters of flood, TGD had 33000 dmeters per second inflow, and outflow of 34100. On July 8, water at TGD was 149.42 meters, and incearse..Yichang dropped… Read more »