CCTV: American politicians represented by Pompeo as “drivers who fall asleep while driving.” Where do they want to take the American people?

07-05-2020 19:23  Source: CCTV News

July 4th is American Independence Day. However, the number of newly diagnosed cases in the United States has exceeded 50,000 in a single day for three consecutive days. At the same time, many protests against racial discrimination and violent law enforcement in the United States continue, and the conflict between demonstrators and police continues… As the US media pointed out, this “Independence Day” in the United States is so special, it is directly related to the government’s policy disorder. American citizens even blamed American politicians represented by Pompeo as “drivers who fall asleep while driving.”  Where do they want to take the United States?

Indeed, Pompeo is like an “invisible man” in dealing with the domestic epidemic and racial discrimination in the United States, acting like he is deaf, and doing nothing. But on the external side, he turned into a “lie-reading machine”, Repeating his lies, attempt to extract personal political capital through anti-China. Recently, he once again viciously pointed at the Chinese government, trying to provoke the Chinese government relationship with the Chinese people, and defaming China as a “threat” to the world. This not only shows its consistent Cold War mentality and anti-communist psychological, but also exposes the anxiety and uneasiness of the US government in the face of the current situation.

As the world’s largest ruling party, the Communist Party of China has always represented and firmly safeguarded the interests of the Chinese people in its striving for nearly a century, and has won the deep trust and support of the Chinese people. In this response to the Coronavirus Pneumonia epidemic, from the age of more than 100 years old to the birth of babies of only 30 hours, regardless of the old and young, the rich or poor, the Chinese ruling party spares no effort to provide the help and medical assistance , and once again, the action proved what is “people first” and “life first”.

The survey report released in March by Edelman, the world’s largest global public relations company, shows that the Chinese people have a 90% trust in their government, ranking first in the world for three consecutive years. A report released by an independent polling agency in Singapore in May shows that Chinese citizens have the highest satisfaction with the government’s anti-epidemic measures comparing the satisfaction of the people in various countries and regions with the government’s anti-epidemic measures, while the US government scores less than half of China. A German polling agency surveyed 53 countries and regions around the world in mid-June and concluded that 92% of people in the country believe that China has done better than the United States in responding to the coronavirus epidemic.

Faced with the results of this series of polls, what did Pompeo and his colleagues say? What are the reasons to discredit China? Their attempt to sever the blood relations between the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people is a daydream, it is a blatant provocation to the 1.4 billion Chinese people and destined not to succeed. In the face of the continuous increase in the number of diagnoses and deaths of the US epidemic in the world, the world wants to ask Pompeo and his group: Why did the US government’s anti-epidemic program collapse? Have you taken the lives of the American people seriously?

People see that today; the epidemic prevention work of the US government is still a mess. Some politicians are still busy complaining and blaming, ignoring the lives of the people, and treating the epidemic as a new battlefield for the legal argument. Even the common sense of epidemic prevention like wearing a mask has become a symbol of the political standing. According to a report by the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) on the 3rd of July, with the economic recession and general elections approaching, the White House is eager to reopen the economy. To this end, it plans to adopt a new epidemic response strategy in the next few weeks. The general tone is to let the American people “Accept and Coexist with viruses”. The US media has recently issued articles denouncing American politicians for disregarding the lives of the people for personal gain. For example, the New York Times pointed out that “super shamelessness” is the secret weapon of the White House, and they can destroy everything for the sake of votes. The Atlantic Monthly pointed out that the deep-seated chronic diseases such as corrupt political class and rigid bureaucracy can be called chronic diseases in the United States that have not been treated for many years. The coronavirous epidemic in the election year is more like a magnifying glass, exposing these “lesions” to the world.

Despite this, Pompeo and his party discouraged medical treatment, instead biting everywhere like rabies, spreading rumors of “China threatens the world”. In the face of facts, it is noticeably clear who is the contributor of the global anti-epidemic cooperation and who is the destroyer.

As one of the first countries in the world to control the domestic epidemic situation, China has always been in an open, transparent and responsible manner, timely notified the WHO and relevant countries of the epidemic information, and released the viral gene sequence and other information as soon as possible. China shares prevention and control and treatment experience with all parties and do our best to provide a lot of support and help to countries in need. China’s top leaders have put forward proposals and proposals on many important occasions such as the Coronavirous Pneumonia Special Summit and the China-Africa Solidarity Special Anti-Epidemic Summit to provide suggestions and directions for global anti-epidemic cooperation.

So, what does the United States, which leads the world in medical and scientific research do? Pompeo and others not only promoted the “cut off” and withdrew from WHO, but the claimed international assistance has not yet been implemented. The US government forcibly repatriated illegal immigrants due to the epidemic, resulting in virus output, endangering global public health security. Especially in the research and development of vaccines and drugs, the US government first tried to monopolize the results of vaccine research and development in German companies. Recently, it recently bought out the production capacity of the drug Remdesivir, which may be used to treat the coronavirous pneumonia, and nakedly engaged in “American priority”. The international community strongly condemns. The Director of the Danish Medicines Agency Thomas Sunderowitz pointed out that the move by the United States may endanger the future of Europe and other countries and will undoubtedly cause dissatisfaction throughout the EU. There is no doubt that this selfish and overbearing “American priority” is the real threat to global anti-epidemic cooperation.

“The National Humiliation We Need”-an article by David Brooks, a columnist recently published by the New York Times. Faced with the increasing number of outbreaks and the continuing anti-racial discrimination protests, is Pompeo ashamed? He should wake up quickly, step on the brakes, get back on track, and stop running the United States all the way to the cliff!

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