Police rob an older man passing by in broad daylight.

Chengguan (police) is widely reviled for harshness and is regarded by many as little better than thugs. Recently, Chengguan of the Dianbai District of Maoming City, Guangdong Province, robbed pomegranates from a poor old man, and the old man kept crying: “I am passing by.” This kind of misery is heartbreaking. This behavior is a highway robbery. Even the former bandits are not as unfeeling.

Police robbing an old man passing by.

As we see here, the Chinese Communist Party is not nursing the 0.9 billion poor Chinese as its rhetoric (big propaganda) says. Instead, it is running a police state, making the people struggling for lives. Then this crazy regime can use the 0.9 billion Chinese in poverty to take advantage of the USA. To defraud the loan from the world bank and the IMF. To gain a special status in WTO with a label of “developing country.” To threaten the world, “if the world doesn’t cooperate with me, I can easily create an immigration crisis with all my slaves!”

Author: Yan & GM09.
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