Lost control? China’s LNG gas price rose by 70% last month

According to Netease Finance, the national LNG (liquefied natural gas) price index was only 3,744 yuan/ton on October 30, and by November 1, the national LNG price index was as high as 4,542 yuan/ton, which rose by about 800 yuan in just two days. / ton, an increase of more than 21%! According to business data, the LNG reference price on November 1 was 4,750 yuan/ton, which was 70.05% higher than the 2,793.33 yuan/ton on October 1!

Rise! Rise! Rise! As the netizens in the wall said: In addition to the wages not rising, all else rose! Wang Qishan’s task of fully realizing a well-off society in 2020 can only survive in the Chinese dream of the cannon(I,e in words only). Prices are soaring. I don’t know how many families can’t live because of this. It’s all the CCP’s shackles, and the bubbles that inflate will sooner or later break down! The CCP has a day, and it is difficult for people to live a happy life!

Article translation: Yan
Picture: GM09
Source: click here.

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