【Review】A Weibo’s announcement = The CCP’s message

Author: Seamoon


On July 5, the Weibo administrator post an announcement on its public account. It stated that there were 7 individual accounts being banned for they had attacked state organs and central media and had interfered with normal operations of other companies, none of which are exhibited by Weibo. Plus, it claimed that Weibo did support discussions yet it would not tolerate those inciting hatred, especially when they target government offices, official media and intentionally affect enterprise operations.



This piece of news reveals three important facts about the CCP and Weibo as its running dog. 

At face value, it is an undeniable fact that the freedom of speech is just a dream as long as the country is under the tyranny of the CCP regardless of how its law is written. According to Article 35 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, citizens of the People’s Republic of China have freedom of speech, publication, assembly, association, procession and demonstration. However, in reality, those 7 individual accounts were banned and publicly shamed by the CCP’s mouthpieces simply because the owners of those accounts had been discussing issues related to Xiao Zhan, a hot star in China, for months and this is not the first time they were banned. Based on their previous posts, they believed that this male star had had a negative influence on minors as he was abetting them to spend money on him and doubted that he may have lied about his charitable donations. It seems that they were simply gossiping like anybody else in the time of amusing ourselves to death, so who gives Weibo the right to publicly ban people’s opinions at its will when it is supposed to be a social website providing a platform for people to share ideas? Does this announcement mean that Weibo is violating the Constitution? If so, who gives it the right and courage?


However, it would be naive if we only consider it as a violation of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, after all, it is common to see it happen everywhere and at any time under the shadow of the CCP and people no long feel surprised. A bigger purpose hidden in this announcement is for the CCP to divert public attention so that severe floods in the south of China, the epidemic situation of the CCP virus, and the sanctions on the CCP from U.S. and even the world will not be focused by Chinese people. To achieve that goal, celebrities in China are the best tool CCP can use as nothing is more eyes-catching than gossiping about their affairs and fights. This time, the CCP has chosen Xiao Zhan since the rumors about him was quite a show online and was already in the center of people’s attention. Due to his charming appearance and good acting in a popular TV drama, he has gained more than twenty-six million fans at all ages, which makes him extremely influential. Therefore, using his popularity and flaws allows the CCP to secretly control the public attention. As a result, less people will care about the CCP’s incompetence in dealing with the harsh time.


Finally, it is safe to assume that neither violating the law nor diverting public attention is the ultimate goal of this announcement. Instead, the real message the CCP is trying to deliver with the help of Weibo’s announcement is that those who intend to publicly criticize its offices and mouthpieces will be punished. Despite of what those 7 accounts may have said, the point is Weibo has shown its nature of being a running dog of the CCP and that it is in collusion with the CCP and will do what it costs to protect the CCP’s mouthpieces. According to its announcement, it threats its users and viewers that Weibo is not the place for them to express their views freely criticizing those 18 central medias including People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, and CCTV.

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