Torrential Rains and Flood Season Further Jeopardize Faulty Three Gorges Dam

The first flood of the year has occurred in Yangtze River, announced by Changjiang Water Resources Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources on Jul 2nd, 2020. Torrential rain will continue in southern China which adds enormous amount of pressure on the current flooding problem. As of Jul 2nd, the inflow rate has reached over 50,000 cubic meters of water per second. At the same time, Anhui Province is also at the risk of being flooded. Recently, 299 reservoirs in Anhui Province adjusted the flood control level to Level IV emergency response. CCP news reported that the water levels of several reservoirs have been reduced in advance to relieve the pressure of flood control by opening discharging outlets.

While CCP only emphasized the opening of discharging outlets and the reduction of water level, it failed to mention the disastrous situation some residents in Anhui and other provinces are faced with. CCP did not notify the residents nearby to prepare for potential flood disasters, and it didn’t mobilize resources to protect the lives and properties of the residents. It has resulted in widespread chaos and damages in multiple cities and villages.

Seeing that the government did nothing in rescue, the villagers resorted to self-help by using boats to rescue their fellow villagers. The picture below shows that a 52-year-old gentleman Huang Zhengyuan bought a small boat for 2,000 yuan(around $600) to help people trapped by the flood.

This is not the only example that shows CCP’s ignorance of human lives. Another report stated that in Gansu Province in May 2020, a local hydropower station spontaneously discharged water without notifying local residents, and a family of four had no time to evacuate and were washed away by the rapidly flowing water in the river. Currently one person was announced dead and other three are still missing. Before the hydropower station opened the flood gate, the government never notified the residents to evacuate or settled the relocation concerns of the residents in the downstream. The CCP media reported that their family members were “emotionally stable”. But what can the family members do beyond that? Whether to complain to the government or tell the truth, they would be retaliated against by CCP. As long as people are living under CCP’s control, oppression and unfair treatment, all they can do is to keep silent.

One of the important reasons for so many flood disasters in China is the construction of the Three Gorges Dam. A late famous engineer and hydrologist Huang Wanli, who was a professor at Qinghua University from 1953 until 2001, detailed the hazards repeatedly even to government authorities before the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, but his expert input was completely ingored by CCP. The main hazards predicted by Prof. Huang are as follows:

  • At the upstream of the Yangtze River, the crucial substance that affects the evolution of riverbed is gravels and pebbles, not sediment. After the dam is built, none of the gravels and pebbles has a way to escape. Within ten years, they can block Chongqing Port and continue to extend upwards, flooding the Jiangjin area during the flood season. The picture shown blow demonstrates the distance between the Three Gorges Dam and Jiangjin area. Thousands of square kilometers of coast will be affected by flood disasters at all times.
  • China has the most abundant water resources, but what China lacks are farming lands in areas with sufficient water supply. After the dam is completed, 2000 km² will be flooded or even more, in exchange for electricity, which is ultimately undesirable.
  • After the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, there will be serious economic problems. The economic cost of producing each kilowatt-hour is a few times more that of other hydropower stations, and within eighteen years, there will be no incomes and no economic benefits. At the end, the electricity produced by the Three Gorges Dam is not enough to solve the problem of power shortage.
  • The Three Gorges Reservoir has little help in flood control in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The flooding along the Yangtze River is very serious, and a lot of resources should be invested to resolve it.

In addition to those concerns, the Three Gorges Dam, which took 15 years to build, also poses other great safety hazards.

  • In the initial stage, the CCP used more than 22,000 tons of explosives. These explosives have greatly damaged the stability of mountains and the integrity of the foundation of the dam. When the rainy season is approaching, the dam foundation and mountains will be subject to much pressure, which may cause collapse of the dam.
  • In the construction process, the CCP did not use enough steel bars to strengthen the dam in order to save materials, and the limited steel bar and concrete was not enough to ensure the stability of the dam structure. Even with very limited steel bar and concrete, the quality of materials used by the CCP is not qualified, which further increases the risk of dam collapse.
  • In order to speed up the construction progress, the construction was not following the industry standards. For example, the temperature treatment is ignored during the concrete pouring process, which will cause numberless cracks inside the dam.
  • The construction of the Three Gorges Dam was completed by workers without special training or certified skills. After completion, the scientists who inspected the dam lied and deceived the public that the dam had no quality problems, and nobody in the inspection team dared to give a signature to guanrantee the inspection and take accountability.
  • CCP is no stranger to corruption every time when there is project as this, large or small. This huge project is a perfect “opportunity” to make some people rich by skimming the fat. How much fund was truly used towards the materials and labor cost of building the dam?

Compared to 2009, the dam has severely deformed

  • If the Three Gorges Dam collapses one day, the downstream of the Three Gorges will be affected by floods. Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, and Shanghai will be severely affected. More than 400 million people are seriously threatened, and the economy along the Yangtze River will be destroyed in an instant. 

Population of the provinces affected by flood

CCP philosophy shamelessly states that much distress regenerates a nation and the national flag needs to be nourished with blood. Where is the blood from? CCP’s 70 years of ruling demonstrated nothing but its cold-blooded butchering of millions of human lives within the snap-of-a-finger!


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9 months ago

July 12, 2020 Three Gorges Dam water leve arge amount even more than July 11th. If inflow stays the same as July 12th..water levels could increase 5 meters more by July 13. The authorities have dropped the discharge rate due to down stream flooding..but more rain is coming..more water..the highest level is 175 Meters..and if it increases rapidly from more rain..from 152 to 175 could be just days away. Severe rains continue thru the week. Poyang Lake is flooding, breaking dykes..others dams/reservoirs are worse off..

9 months ago   Now has each day for July 2020 What is critical..since the rains are increasiing.and flood behind dam growing..they are cutting down the out flow. Now this is because of flooding down stream. But what happens when the 21 inches of rain (between 300 to 600mm) happens in the next 149+ meters behind dam..pressure is building up..and todays earthquake did not help..a 4.7 mag. July 08 149.42 meters behind dam, Yichan is at 68.31 meters! , Incoming right now before rain hits in the next days is 33000 with outflow being at 31400. Now day before outflow was… Read more »