Banks in Australia infected with CCP virus(Episode 1)

We are a group of Chinese living in Australia. Australia as a continent in the Southern Hemisphere with beautiful scenery attracts many Chinese immigrants to settle. We believed we would be able to live a prosperous and peaceful life through hard work and obeying Australian laws.

However, this is proven to be an illusion. The CCP suppresses us through the dark forces lurking in Australia. From May to June this year, a total of 113 Australian residents were rudely treated when transferring money through major Australian banks. Bank staff refused our remittance and accused our beneficiary’s account is subject to scam without providing any evidence.

Steve Yang, a Chinese Australian, remitted $310,000 Australian dollars to participate in the GTV private share placement through CBA on May 11. On June 12 CBA tried to call back his money on his behalf without his consent. Despite of trying many financial institutions, Ms. Jing Hao was unable to remit $160,000 Australian dollars to the same beneficiary’s account. Similar incidents happened to 113 residents of Australia.

The bank accused the receiver’s account as fraud, however why didn’t hundreds of millions of dollars for investment to the same account from residents across the world returned? Why can’t the Australian banks justify their actions? Where did the pressure come from that stopped Australian banks to remit our legitimate investment. How can we recover our losses?

The most famous financial institutions are all involved in this incident including, CBA, ANZ, Westpac, NAB, St George, OFX etc. The amount involved reached more than 3 million Australian dollars, which resulted in incalculable losses.

Australia, this pure and beautiful land seems to be shrouded in the dark shadow of the CCP.

Producer: 【Australian Himalaya Farm】

Episode 1:Banks in Australia infected with CCP virus
Episode 2:What opportunity did the big banks in Australia stop us?

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