The Mysterious Death of A Senior Official During the Fourth Plenary Session

There is a rumor of the Deputy Party Secretary of Chongqing Ren Xuefeng fell off from a building in the Jingxi hotel during the Fourth Plenary Session. 

The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th central committee of the Communist Party of China concluded on October 31. Chongqing officials made an urgent announcement at 11 PM yesterday, Ren Xuefeng, 54, Deputy Party Secretary of Chongqing, died of illness.

Ren Xuefeng was a Chinese politician and business executive. Ren was an early leader of the Binhai New Area in Tianjin and served as the city’s vice-mayor for eight years. He was transferred to Guangdong province in 2014, where he served as Communist Party Secretary of Guangzhou and Deputy Party Secretary of Guangdong. He was appointed Deputy Party Secretary of Chongqing in October 2018. 

Sing Tao Daily said it received the news that Ren Xuefeng had fallen from the building and sent to the hospital for rescue. According to sources, Ren Xuefeng fell to his death on the 7th floor of the Jingxi hotel during the Fourth Plenum. The Communist Party held its Fourth Plenum at the Jingxi hotel from October 28 to 31.

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Nov. 04, 2019