Lost the Right to Vote, to Protest and Now to Speak

Author: Prof. Bacteriophage

July 4

On July 4th, a few days after the Hong Kong National Security Law, officially the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, came into effect. The Hong Kong Public Libraries have successively removed the so called politically sensitive books off the shelf, and started reviewing whether the content is illegal. Currently, the public is no longer allowed to borrow such books, including at least 9 of them. Take a Chinese prose as an example, translated as Traveling, Eating and Fighting, written by Tanya Chan, a current member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong. All public libraries refuse to lend the book on the grounds of review. We could find its status on the website of Hong Kong Public Libraries.

Screen shots from ‘webcat.hkpl.gov.hk’

The so-called review is actually a provocative act by CCP. Assuming the Hong Kong Public Libraries were reviewing the books in accordance with the Hong Kong National Security Law, any of such books would be likely to be imposed as illegal, even if a prose without any content that endangers national security. Because the CCP is always good at picking one piece of a large jigsaw, in short, nitpicking. More absurd, the China News, a mouthpiece website of CCP, claims these books promote violence.

To elaborate, it is the freedom of speech that is the object of this provocation. The Sina website controlled by CCP calls this prohibition a review of books involved with local political comments. It means the public has no right to make their voice by announcing that no involving in politics. What a shame for Hong Kong as a Freeport undergoing a suppressing free speech! Its reputation has been ruined by the puppet administration.

In terms of citizens in Hong Kong, they have been losing their right since the very beginning of that night. They have gradually lost the right of vote in the past 23 years, as CCP and its puppet manipulating the elections. They have rapidly lost the right of protesting since last year, as the violence of gangster-style HK police and CCP gestapo. And they start losing the right of free speech suddenly now, as today’s prohibition of books. What else can they lose? What else can we define it, if it’s not an invasion by CCP? Today is the independent day for the United States. Liberty is one of three rights that the Declaration of Independence addresses. And the freedom of speech is a kind of liberty. We can hear the sound of fireworks tonight here, but Hong Kong cannot hear the sound of liberty.


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