【Debunked】37 Lies of CCP – Episode 2: CCP Virus

Authors: GS  Brandnew

Editors: 诰佑  Seamoon

Editor’s note: On July 2, 2020, the CCP’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a statement on its official website claiming that the world, mainly U.S. and western countries, has wronged China on various issues related to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and the COVID-19 pandemic. There are 37 detailed claims in the statement and each one of them will be refuted with solid proof in four separate articles published on GNEWS. The second episode is on the issue of CCP Virus.

Lie No.11: 

The CCP timely responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with the most comprehensive, rigorous, thorough measures. Wuhan outbreak was fully contained; further spreading of the virus was eliminated. Twenty-five W.H.O. experts (the World Health Organization) affirmed the CCP’s success. The CCP slowed down the transmission and provided invaluable response windows for the world. According to sources from Canada, France, Russia, Australia, Singapore, and Japan, most of their confirmed cases were not from China. Thus, the CCP should not be responsible for the over 11 million confirmed cases worldwide.

Debunked: The CCP failed to contain the virus in Wuhan and enabled its spread to the world. Sina, the CCP’s own propaganda, reported admissions from Wuhan mayor, Zhou Xianwang. Zhou acknowledged that more than 5 million people escaped from Wuhan within two weeks after the first official report on the virus. According to flight data, the majority of the 5 million escaped to other Chinese cities. A significant number of travelers went abroad. By the end of January, huge numbers of travelers from Wuhan had scattered around the world. All that happened before the world gained awareness. It was not until March 11th that the WHO declared the global pandemic. Countless people continued to travel during the 5-week window. As a result, 215 countries reported COVID-19 infections (5). 

What’s more, Gao Fu, the head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC), coauthored a paper published on January 29 in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), in which 425 cases were analyzed as of January 22, concluding that “there is evidence that human-to-human transmission has occurred among close contacts since the middle of December 2019”, while media reports showed that on December 31, 2019 when Gao led the first team of experts from the National Health Commission (NHC) officially stepped in, the conclusion was that the virus was “preventable and controllable”, and there were “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission and no medical staff infection.” Clearly, CCP spared no effort to cover things up from the very beginning.


Lie No.12: The CCP locked down Wuhan to contain the spread of the virus. The CCP locked down the city, enforced enclosed community supervision, quarantined residents, and limited outdoor activities. As a result, the transmission rate dropped significantly. The CCP made every effort to save lives.

Debunked: Social distancing and limited outdoor activities are effective to reduce infections. Yet, the CCP locked down cities with no regard for human rights. In early February, the CCP started daily on-door body temperature inspections in Wuhan. Extreme punitive actions threatened jail time for uncooperative residents. In February, officials barricaded apartment buildings after discovering possible infections. They wielded shut doors of each apartment unit and caged all residents in. They forced people to toss their deceased relatives out from the window. 


Lie No.13

The CCP provided virus information for the world in a timely and transparent manner. Great efforts were made to ensure data accuracy. The CCP does not punish anyone for merely speaking up. There is no toleration on illegal rumors spreading or disrupting public orders. 

Debunked: The authenticity of the data provided by the CCP remained controversial. According to NHC at a press conference on February 4, only about 2.1% of people who contracted the novel coronavirus died of pneumonia caused by it. An analyst from Taiwan pointed out the unreliable nature of figures provided by CCP and mocked how the virus would take orders from CCP by keeping the mortality rate at an oddly consistent 2.1% for at least seven days in a row, much lower than the world average. Plus, the U.S. intelligence agencies warned the White House on a significant understatement of China’s COVID cases and deaths as Wuhan had revised their death toll twice under overwhelming public pressure. 

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Posted by 汪浩 on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Lie No.14

Dr. Li Wenliang was an ophthalmologist. He was not a “whistleblower”; neither was he detained by the CCP. The respiratory specialist, Zhang Jixian first reported COVID cases. Three days later, Dr. Li warned others about “7 confirmed SARS cases” through WeChat. Unfortunately, he was infected around mid-January and died on February 7th. 

Debunked: For one thing, even if we believe the CCP’s story that Zhang Jixian was the first to report, there is another question needed to be answered by the CCP. That is why Dr. Li Wenliang was still accused of spreading rumor and was asked to sign the Letter of Admonition. After all, he warned others on WeChat three days after the local authority had already received Zhang’s report providing Li’s words were solid facts.

For another, the CCP propaganda arm Sina did confirm Dr. Li as the whistleblower of COVID19. Sina released the article under pressure as the whole world was mourning for the hero. The Letter of Admonition against Li sustained for 76 days until the investigation group announced to cancel the Letter of Admonition. However, neither did the CCP’s police nor did CCP’s mouthpieces criticizing Li Wenliang on CCTV at the beginning offer any apologies to him and his family.


Lie No.15

The CCP developed public health Apps to track the citizens’ activities. The Apps colored-coded each user’s health status. The code determined where they can or cannot go. The government valued individual privacy and made continuous efforts to improve relevant regulations. 

Debunked: Big data has been the key technology to track and predict the activities of each citizen. The New York Times revealed the functions of the health code apps to go above the stated purpose. The Application shared key information with the police and furthered the regime’s effort on social controlling so that the local police were able to pinpoint dissidents and denied their access to Beijing while the People’s Congress was in session (XXX). Per Maya Wang, a China researcher for Human Rights Watch, the virus outbreak provided the CCP an unprecedented opportunity to implement mass surveillance systems. 

People scanning a QR code on their phones while volunteers check their temperatures before entering a market in Kunming, in China’s southern Yunnan Province. ———Wong Campion/Reuters


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