The Communist Party of China is conducting a review of primary and secondary school libraries

A nationwide campaign is underway to “clean up” the books in primary and secondary school libraries across the country. Any books “do not share the socialist values,” ” threatens national unity,” or “slander the leadership of the party” will be banned and removed from the bookshelves.

The CCP is brainwashing the young generation with socialist values, just like how they wipe out the Tiananmen massacre incident in recent Chinese history. Freedom of speech and censorship in mainland China in 2019 was the worst year since Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms. Perhaps because China’s economy is in a deep slump, which has led to a lot of social instability, the communist party wants to brainwash young people to avoid being influenced by western values. The protests in Hong Kong have unnerved Chinese leaders who want to prevent the situation from spreading to the mainland.

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Nov. 03, 2019