Can the Single Spark of Hong Kong Protest Turn Into Inferno Fire That Burnt Down the CCP?

Before Miles Kwok started his campaign of exposing staggering corruption among top-ranking officials of the radical faction of CCP, including Wang Qishan in 2017, he and Steve Bannon have never met each other. By only looking at their professions and tracks of life, no one has ever wondered both two will become the best allies that aim to take down the CCP. Their live broadcasting has become CCP’s worst nightmare.

Mr. Kwok does have a few in common with Mr. Bannon. The first one is their strong religious belief and great respect for God. The second one is that they both think the real power of every sovereignty country belongs to the people, the little guys. They deserve fundamental human rights like the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and every legitimate government should guarantee its people with the rule of law. This time the Hong Kong anti-government movement has become their most significant focus among all.

Mr. Bannon praised Hong Kong protest as the “Single Most Important Event” in the World Today. He said in an interview by Epoch Times, “I think what’s most surprising is that this is driven by young people. Young people and a lot of those people are Christians, a lot of those people are Falun Gong, and a lot of those people have deep spiritual beliefs. And they want freedom of speech, they want freedom of assembly, they want freedom of religion, and they want rule of law. This is about the rule of law in Hong Kong, and I think that’s why the world has been awakened to how deep this movement is. And I think it’s fantastic. It’s put the fear of God into the radical cadre that runs the CCP in Beijing because we also saw the world change. “

Mr. Kwok often believes time Chinese history repeats itself. Just like the Wuchang uprising in 1911, that single spark fought against the ruling Qing dynasty later turned into the nationwide fire and marked the beginning of the Xin Hai Revolution that successfully overthrew China’s last imperial dynasty. What is happening now on the street of Hong Kong looks very much similar to that uprising one hundred and eight years ago? It is the rebellion of the people against the corrupted tyrannical suppression. Back that time Qing Dynasty had its worst financial problem and an imploding economy. “China is having the worst grain harvest in the past fifteen years. The first time in the past thirty years, it has the worst pork shortage, and the chicken price is going to be skyrocket high”, said Kwok in his live broadcasting today. “History proves that the financial collapse always put every dynasty to an end, because such collapse led to the inevitable refugee crisis and the food crisis, eventually led to the revolution,” he said.

News Source from Miles Kwok’s Live Broadcasting On November 2nd, RuleofLaw Foundation YouTube channel

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