Secretary Pompeo on Trump Administration’s China Policy, Intel on Russian Bounties for Us Troops

Secretary Mike Pompeo talked about Trump administration’s actions regarding China and the Russian bounty leaks. Mr. Secretary stated that President Trump will not let the Chinese Communist Party abuse America any longer. American companies will be required to keep their supply chain free of forced labor, specifically pointing to the CCP-run concentration camps in western China. President Trump is dealing with the existing human rights issues in China seriously, as well as trying to protect the freedoms of the people of Hong Kong. If the CCP engages in unfair trade practices, we will increase tariffs. If they engage military behaviors that are threatening to the United States, we will give funding to the Department of Defense to keep Americans safe. Regarding the intelligence leak, Mr. Secretary is saddened it is causing our intelligence officers and military personnel to be put at risk. The United States is making good progress concerning the peace negotiations with the Taliban. The United States and countries all across the world are working toward reopening our countries in a way that keeps people safe and reduces risk from COVID.


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