Chinese voices supporting Hongkongers over the Great Firewall.

There seem few voices from mainland China during the more than five-months of Hong Kong protest. Because of the Great Firewall, the Chinese Communist Party blocks Chinese from the whole world. However, the hearts of liberty can’t be locked up.

More and more mainland Chinese, behind the Great Firewall, are bravely showing their support in the protest against the brutal Communist Party regime by posting on social media, together with ethnic Chinese across the world. After five-month-long protest and continuing violence unleashed by the police force on the protesters, among whom many are only in the teens, the movement has gained more support from people outside Hong Kong. Under the Chinese Communist Party regime in the past 70 years, China has seen mass persecution on political dissidents, the Great Chinese Famine, the confiscation of private properties, and the massacre of Tiananmen Square. The so-called Economic Reform brought up a period of economic growth, but under the surface, huge wealth disparity, corruption, and violation of fundamental human rights. Now, Hong Kong is leading the way for the Chinese people’s fight for the system change and to a free and democratic society.

Screen cut shows the Chinese dominate search engine gives only one result with the keyword ‘香港(Hong Kong)’.

BY: GM53, GM09, Xiaomianyang, and Yuma.

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