15yo Penalized For Browsing “Anti-China” Website

We all know what “anti-China” means: anti the totalitarian regime!

Chinese police investigated a 15-year-old boy for browsing “anti-China” and “China-phobic” content on the internet. According to Shuangqiao Public Security Bureau, Li, age 15, from Chengde City, was “bewitched” by “pro-Japan” elements. He allegedly logged on to EsuWiki and viewed information that “deliberately distorted Chinese history and misinterpreted events at home and abroad.” According to the official Weibo account of Shuangqiao Public Security Bureau, Li is now “profoundly aware of his mistakes” after “stern criticism” and “education” from the police and his school.

The Chinese Communist Party has had a long history of censoring information contrary to its agenda. With the dawn of the digital age, it has extended its reach to the internet. Citizens in China live behind the colloquially known “Great Firewall of China.” Unlike in democratic countries where the internet is mostly free of government control, the Chinese Communist Regime is blocking access to certain websites for reasons at the CCP’s discretion. Authoritarian governments rely on censorship, propaganda, and misinformation to retain power. However, the hearts of freedom can’t be locked up. Chinese use different ways to get through the great firewall for the truth.

BY: YUMA and GM09.

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