380,000 Hongkongers took to the street again: Defiant of National Security Law

Author: ILoveJustice(HKer)

At least 380,000 Hongkongers took to street defied a police ban to march in the Causeway Bay in protest of the draconian newly-promulgated National Security Law. More than 370 civilians were arrested, with 10 of them were charged the offense of National Security Law.

At noon, one hour before the planned start of the march, around 10 million protesters arrived at the Causeway. Meanwhile, the police force has been prepared for cracking down the protest.

A woman was singing Holy Psalms to the police. (Photo: LoveJustice)

Standing amidst the protesters was depressive for every front-line policemen and policewomen when being cursed and scolded at by the protesters. When young people were taking to the street, senior citizens, some were in sandals, pointed their fingers at the policemen.

The angry crowd called for independence and taking down of the Chinese Communist Party-an offense of the new law. The policemen tried every dirty means to sabotage the march, including mass arrests and indiscriminate attacks at the civilians. “Hongkongers are fearless!” the protesters played cat-and-mouse with hundreds of policemen for 10 hours.

Police also fired pepper balls in Causeway Bay during chasing with demonstrators. They assaulted reporters, bullied senior citizens, and harass arrested female protesters, leaving the entire city fomenting in resentment. The “celebration activities of the 23rd anniversary of the Special Administrative Region” attracted no public attention because of the heroic protest.

protest causeway bay 1 July 2020

Photo: Tam Ming Keung/United Social Press.

arrested police protest march five demands 1 July 2020 causeway bay

Photo: May James/HKFP.

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