【Review】The Vicious Intents Behind the National Security Law


Editor: 雨人  诰佑

The Global Times: the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress voted on June 30. It passed the National Security Maintenance Law of Hong Kong (NSML). The law took effect at 23:00 the same day, just one day before the 23rd anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong in 1997. 

The law includes 6 chapters and 66 articles. It established the Local Security Committee and the Central Government’s Security Office. The Central Security Office exercised jurisdictions over three categories of special cases: 

(1) a complex case due to the involvement of a foreign country or external elements; 

(2) a serious situation where the local government is unable to effectively enforce the law; 

(3) a major and imminent threat to national security has occurred. 

The Global Times’ subject expert, Zhaojia Liu, believed that all “riots” would be handled by the Central Government Security Office in the future.

The legislature reaffirmed the core responsibilities of the central government in national security matters. The law would further anchor “one country” in the concept of “one country, two systems”. Another expert, Deng Fei, stated that The National Security Law addressed concerns of Hong Kong mainstreams. “It gave rebirth to the city.” Before the NSML, Hong Kongers “were forced to bear such loopholes of the current legal system for 23 years”.

The Editors: The CCP’s propaganda arm has confessed the focus of NSML is “one country”. It further empowers the central government to interfere with Hong Kong’s judicial and criminal justice system. 

Article 16 of NSML stated that the Hong Kong Police Force may recruit qualified professionals and technical personnel outside Hong Kong to support the safeguarding of national security. It cleared paths for the CCP military and police to join forces with Hong Kong police. 

Article 60 declared the Central Security Office(CSC) and its staff be above the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Special Administration. The CSC must not be subject to inspections, searches, or detentions by Hong Kong Law Enforcement,. They enjoy full immunities from Hong Kong Administrative. The CSC can arbitrarily exercise their power to terrorize Hong Kongers without legal repercussions. 

Article 62 proclaimed the supremacy of the NSML over any existing Hong Kong’s laws if there were any discrepancies. 

Article 38 extended this law to include all non-residents or foreigners. Hong Kong’s extradition treaties with other nations would soon allow the CCP to round up supporters of Hong Kong Democracy. The human right crisis of Sweden citizen Michael Gu(Minhai) became more contagious than ever. It is set to cause another global pandemic. 

It has not even been half of the 50 years that the CCP has promised “two systems” in the Sino-British Statement. The CCP led People’s Congress to pass the NSML swiftly before the public can learn its details until it took effect. 

The obvious credibility gap between the CCP’s actions and promises further revealed the latent insecurity of its domination. 

The existence of CCP challenges universal values with mounting tragedies. The rescues of Hong Kong are the salvation of our humanity. 



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