Miles Guo: Do not get distracted and must focus on HK

On June 30, 2020, Miles Guo broadcast on GTV commenting on the current situation in HK, implying two signs of CCP’s annihilation and sharing information on the following actions from both CCP and U.S..

The situation in HK

First, Miles Guo hoped people knew that the revocation of Hong Kong Free Trade Zone was a very small step forward to take down CCP.

“ I received a lot of messages from yesterday regarding the revocation of Hong Kong’s Free Trade Status. While it is nice to have those nice compliments, it is actually just the first step of a series of huge historical events.

To revoke the Hong Kong special trade status opens the first gate to destroy the CCP. The second gate actually started to open in 2019 when the U.S. negotiated with the CCP in the Shanghai Xijiao Hotel. Although we are not there yet, the result of that negotiation has long spelt doom for the CCP, which means a war between China and the United States is unavoidable. To live or die is the only option between the CCP and the United States.

After the revocation of Hong Kong’s special trade status, I worried about the negative impact on the Hong Kong freedom fighting movement and the ordinary Hong Kong people’s life, along with the collapse of Hong Kong economy. These worries seem to become reality. Next week, the United States will impose precision sanctions on the CCP and Hong Kong’s officials and certain individuals. Please pay close attention to the sanctions against Hong Kong and the CCP elimination action. We have to act! Call to action! Action! God Bless Hong Kong.”

——— Miles Guo

Two signs of CCP’s annihilation

Next, Miles Guo mentioned two signs of CCP’s annihilation. The first one is when President Trump says that he is no longer a friend of President Xi. The other is the U.S. government starts to hold CCP accountable for all the cost of CCP virus.

“Like I said earlier, one of the core signals to eliminate the CCP is when President Trump says, “President Xi is no longer my good friend”. President Trump hasn’t used the term “CCP Virus” so far. Let’s wait until President Trump says, “President Xi is no longer my friend, this pandemic is caused by the CCP Virus.” That will be a real big deal for the world.

Another important signal is that President Trump and the U.S. government start to hold the CCP accountable for all the deaths of Americans from the CCP-virus, hand over the truth about the CCP-Virus or face the full wrath of the West. All these will be the key points to eliminate the CCP. You can’t get rid of it without these signals.” 

——— Miles Guo

U.S. Actions

The following actions of U.S. were also predicted by Miles Guo during the broadcast. He said that July 4th would be critical for U.S. government and the heroic scientist was ready too.

“This coming July 4 is very important to the United States. Let’s look at what possible action that President Trump and the US government will take against the CCP.

I had a long dream last night, in the dream, I saw the U.S. government making big and fast progress from all aspects of the United States to take down the CCP, including our hero bio-scientist testimony. He escaped from China’s P4 Lab and arrived in the U.S. in April. There was talk that he recorded the evidence about the CCP’s bio-weapon and it was originally to be broadcast this past Monday via the media, yet some government agencies called it off and put it on hold. I guess this arrangement may have something to do with what the U.S. will do in the following days. It actually may be a good thing to wait for the next action from the government, which hints that the virus issue, and its release to the public, is part of the national emergency agenda in the following days.

Tomorrow, July 1st, there will be big action on the CCP and it shall be a big “gift” on the CCP’s birthday. Yesterday, the U.S. government revoked the status of the Hong Kong’s Special Free Trade Zone. Today, there will be some sort of U.S. policy statement against CCP. Then on this Friday, there will be more specific blow, following waves of blows next week on the CCP. On July 4, American’s Independence Day, I look forward to more actions from the United States against the CCP.”

——— Miles Guo

Other important issues

Apart from those mentioned above, Miles Guo shared details related to  stock markets in Shanghai and Hong Kong, the current situation of Wang Qishan and a possible media exposure on CCP’s bio-weapon.

“As long as the Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock Market are still functioning, the CCP’s final time is yet to come. They are still running its secret overseas operation SWAT team to create social turmoil and disrupt the U.S. Let them do the last crazy dance and expose themselves completely. Only by eliminating the CCP, the world will have peace and be safe.

The CCP’s Vice President Wang Qishan has completely lost his freedom and is under 100% house arrest. Wang’s guard gets changed every day. He has no right to question them. He has lost all trust from President Xi.

At the same time, another senior P3 Lab scientist, fleeing from China, cooperated with a certain country’s television station and recorded a complete set of the CCP’s bio-weapon top secret programs. I think these media exposure programs from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean will precipitate some ongoing historical events in the Western world.”

——— Miles Guo

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