Miles Guo: CCP fails at Kidnapping and the U.S. anti-CCP Actions coming

Author:   老姜   BigMama   Seamoon 

On June 28th, 2020, Miles Guo had another broadcast on GTV sharing valuable information and thoughts on various issues, including CCP’s spies, CCP’s next move in Europe and the Middle East, America’s actions, and the reassuring news that Mr. Hao Haidong’s son was rescued successfully.

CCP’s spies 

After the founding of the New Federal State of China on June 4th, the CCP used its best efforts to infiltrate the Whistleblower Movement and there will be no place to feel safe online or offline, except to end the CCP. The U.S. government is currently investigating nearly 2,000 people from China in the U.S., who provided false information and documents to obtain U.S. citizenship, green cards, or political asylum. Eventually, once they are convicted, these people will be directly repatriated by the court or detained without the opportunity to appeal.

CCP’s next move 

Recently, the CCP’s foreign exchange outflow from China has reached its peak over the past eight years. According to the latest intelligence, the CCP is speeding up its military buildup, intelligence equipment, missile base construction, and other operations deployment in Europe and the Middle East, and yet these activities can be a great help to boost our intelligence credentials.

America’s actions

Regarding the three Red Lines (obstacles) to eliminate the CCP that I mentioned earlier, President Trump has not yet publicly discussed the ending of his private relationship with President Xi or stated that this pandemic is caused by the CCP virus. No U.S. lawmaker or politician has publicly talked about the New Federal State of China. When these topics are all put on the table, it will shock the world.

The CCP is currently doing its best to keep the CCP-Virus infection rate high in the Republican-controlled states and cities, making President Trump’s reelection impossible while crashing the Republican Party. To date, there is a task force within the U.S. government to eliminate the CCP, and they have a lethal Ten-Step Action plan to destroy the CCP, which includes sanctions on the HSBC Bank and the four major state-owned banks in China. The stocks of these banks will plunge and the sanctions will certainly be executed shortly. On the other hand, military sanctions will come. The United States will conduct comprehensive military deployments in the Indian Sea, the South China Sea, and the East China Sea and even the option of the destruction of the Beidou Navigation Satellite System is on the table.

Next week, you will see a lot of actions from the U.S. press, media, and the U.S. Senate, and the signal for a full-scale fightback of the U.S. to eliminate the CCP will be loud and clear.

Attitude towards Party members

The new Federal State of China will function as a quasi-overseas government agency after it is officially recognized by different governments in the future. The new China without the CCP will not have military warlords, nor get into civil strife. Most CCP party members are normal Chinese people indeed and they must be granted amnesty in the future if they are not convicted of criminal activity. The Chinese must let go of their hatred against these people and look forward to rebuilding the new China.

A successful rescue

Mr. Hao Haidong, the former Chinese soccer star, has been through a lot of suppression from the CCP after he publicly denounced the CCP on June 4th and read the statement of the New Federal State of China. His son first got kicked off a Serbian soccer club and then the CCP overseas operations squad even tried to kidnap him in Serbia, on his way to Spain. Based on their intelligence in Serbia, Mr. Steve Bannon and Miles Guo acted quickly and used their resources to successfully rescue him and bring him back to Spain.

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