A lockdown announcement in Beijing

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The announcement comes into immediate effect. All the villages, communities, buildings, and compounds in Anxin County, Xiongan New Area should be completely locked down.
Xiongan, China
06- 27 23:34

Office of the Leading Group of Anxin County for Response to the Epidemic of Noval Coronavirus-infected Pneumonia (COVID-19)


At present, the entire County is faced with a severe situation in terms of epidemic prevention and control. To ensure effective prevention and control of COVID-19, prevent to the maximum extent possible the influx and spread of the epidemic, and safeguard the lives and health of the people, and according to the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases and the relevant requirements of the Province and Xiongan New Area, the County Leading Group for Response to the Epidemic of COVID-19 has decided, after study, that stricter epidemic prevention and control measures should be implemented throughout the County with immediate effect. The relevant measures are hereby announced as follows:

  1. All the villages, communities, buildings, and compounds should be put under complete lockdown management with immediate effect. All the people and vehicles that do not belong to a village (community/building/compound) should not be allowed into it. In the absence of special conditions, residents should refrain from going out as far as possible. Each family may assign one of its members to go out with the pass for purchase of life necessities once a day provided that the member should register his/her entry and exit (by scanning the QR code) and be taken temperature whereas other family members are not allowed to go out except for going to the hospital or for epidemic prevention and control. Those whose jobs are related to epidemic prevention and control and safeguarding the operations of public utilities and the life of the masses and who are therefore obligated to go out must obtain a certificate from their employers or the village (neighborhood) committees and be subject to strict registration and taken temperature apart from the certificates issued by the relevant entities, and all the entities concerned should establish detailed archives for future reference.
  2. Management should be tightened on the entry and exit of vehicles. Vehicles that do not belong to a village, community, building, or compound should not be allowed into it. The drivers and passengers in all the vehicles entering and exiting a location must produce their passes for examination. Each village and community should make an explicit announcement of this at each checkpoint.
  3. All the party members, cadres at all ranks, deputies to the people’s congress, members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, members of the Youth League should conscientiously play their exemplary roles in surveillance and investigation of the people and entry and exit control, properly discipline themselves and their family members and relatives so as to motivate their friends and neighbors to follow suit, and should assist the relevant personnel in dissuading the residents from going outside, going shopping, dropping around, inviting guests, and gathering together.
  4. Cadres in overall charge of the villages, party members and cadres, and other personnel assigned full responsibility for the communities, buildings, and compounds should conscientiously fulfill their assigned duties, implement strict prevention at any cost, take proactive measures to control the entry and exit of the residents. Anyone who passes the buck, shifts responsibilities, takes unauthorized absence from work, or fails to properly fulfill his/her duties will be strictly held to accountability. Each village, community, building, and compound should mobilize party members, volunteers, organize dissuading patrols and discipline inspection and supervision teams to strengthen supervision on checkpoints and epidemic control.
  5. The residents should supervise each other‘s behaviors and strictly comply with the relevant requirements, and those who defy management, refuse to accept the personnel’s dissuasion, force their way out or gather together to make trouble will be strictly dealt with by the public security organ according to law. Where any party member, cadre or civil servant is found to defy management, refuse to accept the personnel’s dissuasion, participate in a gathering to make trouble, he/she will be strictly held to accountability by the discipline inspection and supervision organ and the principal responsible person of his/her employer will also be held accountable.
  6. The time when all the measures set forth above will be lifted is subject to further notice. Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility. As long as all the people of the Country are united as one to strive for this common goal, we will definitely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control at the fastest speed. Therefore, we call for your active support and cooperation!

Office of the Leading Group of Anxin County for Response to the Epidemic of Noval Coronavirus-infected Pneumonia

27 June 2020

source: https://c.m.163.com/news/a/FG5R1U6L0001899O.html?spss=newsapp&from=groupmessage&isappinstalled=0

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