Police Arrests At Least 53 Civilians, First Aiders and District Councilors in HK

On June 28, Hong Kong, netizens called for a silent protest where no slogans would be chanted and no assembly would be made. This, nevertheless, triggered the police massive crackdown, cordoning Nathan Road, congesting traffic and entrapping civilians.

At one point, police fired pepper spray without warning and injured passersby, elderly and reporters.

The heavy police presence has caused terror on the street of Hong Kong. A family of three, going shopping, was separated as the father was taken away.

At around 18:06 in Mongkok, many arrestees were waiting to be escorted. Among them, there are middle aged civilians and first-aider-like civilians wearing reflective vest.

According to Stand News, police have arrested at least 53 people including first aiders, district councilors Lam Siu-bun and Tsui Tsz-kin.

Source: PSHK; Apple Daily; Stand News

Contributor: GM02

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