P4 Virology Lab Season Two 3 – By Whistleblower Movement DT Team

DT’s Explanation:

Based on the previous two articles, we conclude that CCP Virus (Corona) is an ultimate biochemical weapon. It’s lab-made, extremely contagious, death rate are low, but no effective vaccine by far (perhaps CCP possesses the vaccine?). As of today, over 4 millions of people tested positive and nearly 300,000 people died from the virus globally. In this section, we will discuss & expose the condition and process of making this extremely contagious biochemical weapon.

Below are the details:

On GNEWS, DT discovered an article, written by “Guanjun’s Biological Daddy”. The author analyzed the research papers published by SHI Zhengli and discussed the process of Corona virus’ development & how the virus was made. See below for key points.

Here is the link to the original article

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Conclusion: In the article above, the author, “Guanjun’s Biological Daddy”(WANG Qishan?), is able to prove that: CCP’s SHI Zhengli’s team created this virus. This conclusion is based solely on the materials obtained from SHI’s published research papers. The conclusion is definitive. According to the recognized definition of virology research, virus research includes: virus’structure, classification, evolution, infection, development of reservoir cell’s reproductive method, the reciprocal relationship between the virus and the reservoir in terms of physiologic & immunization, the disease they can cause, the technics of separation and cultivation, and their application in research & treatment. Normally, the purpose of virus research is to eliminate the virus. However, the purpose of CCP’s SHI’s virus research was not about eliminating the virus but to create a new infectious virus.

The process of developing a new virus was, from: “A virus discovery – B re-emergency technology – C re-emergency establishment & trick people to believe it occurred naturally – D animal model testing”, from none to existence. This is why we conclude with certainty that CCP Virus came from CCP’s lab. Evidences support this conclusion. SHI Zhengli’s published research papers precisely tell us this process.

In another word, virus research is the core of the biochemical weapon research, and discovering a new virus is the core and foundation for the virus development & creation. Because of this essential core discovery, SHI received great honors in recognition of her extraordinary contribution. We can also say that, without SHI’s discovery & separation of this new virus, there would be NO CCP virus (Covid-19 or Corona Virus whatever you call it) – this biochemical weapon. We know the original virus came from bat in fact – SHI Zhengli didn’t lie on this. But the original virus is not the ultimate CCP Virus or the swine flu virus. CCP virus is SHI’s lab processed & altered virus. Virus comes from the bat does not mean it’s the same bat virus. Some scientists try to deceive regular people with scientific terminologies.

Suppose DT is commander and chief in charge of biochemical weapon development, DT wants to know what teams and organizations it needs, what need to be done, what are the required conditions and research development process. All right, DT can answer you!

This Gene & Biochemical Weapon Team comprised 3 teams: “A Research & development of virus – B Research & development of vaccine – C Spread the virus”. Reasons are simple for forming these teams, because this virus is a biochemical weapon, it must “be preventable & controllable, has clear target and do wherever it’s told”. Because it belongs to CCP, it must be “a gun listening to the Party’s command”. Ok, now let’s put names on them.

Please look at the chart below.

There are sufficient evidences to support DT’s above assumptions. The materials prove the establishment of the CCP’s virus project. We will gradually release more information later with more articles like this. How do you test the assumptions and prove they are true? Simple, if on a piece of paper, you find thousands of dots, after you connect these dots, a perfect drawing presents in front of you. So the question is, are these dots naturally occurred or else? Absolutely not by nature! The line to connect those dots was hidden. Because we find those dots, we are able to find the establishment of the CCP’s virus project.


Let’s continue to assume something else based on the materials from GUO Wengui’s Whistleblower Movement. In his description of the CCP’s “Ship Sinking Plan”, there are two very important timeline & events: 2003’s SARS outbreak and 2016’s Swine Flu. Why do we say this? Our educated guess is this: after 1989, the CCP created “Ship Sinking Plan”, one of objectives in the Plan is biological gene weapon research program establishment. In around year 2000 (same year as Chinese Academic of Sciences’ “Knowledge Renovation Engineering” and CHEN Zhu’s “10 Platforms Building Plan of Biological Medicine”), the program for biological gene weapon research has begun. At the beginning of the research, the purpose of those establishments might not be finding or mastering the ultimate weapon but controlling & stealing 1.4 billion people’s wealth in the area of public health. On one hand, they poison the people and on another they sell medicines to treat the sick (we will discuss this later).

The 1st Important Timeline Event: 2003’s SARS’ Importance

Opportunity knocked when 2003’s SARS occurred. We don’t have evidence to prove that SARS came from a lab or naturally occurred in bat – it’s unimportant. What’s important was through SARS’ occurrence, their research team found hope in finding this ultimate weapon, and they saw the effects of this ultimate weapon. This is what they need – to master and hold a biochemical weapon. So they pulled the whole country’s resources together to conduct the research. Of course their goal was not to eliminate this virus but to research and develop the ultimate biochemical weapon based on SARS.

Subsequent to 2003’s SARS, the story of P4 lab begins. At SARS’ outbreak, several teams in Beijing collected sufficient live SARS strain samples. Afterward SHI Zhengli led her students caught many bats. Finally SHI’s team was able to find and extract of the SARS virus from one of the bats. It’s not important whether the virus occurred in bat naturally or the virus was injected in the bat. The important thing is SHI Zhengli found & separated the maternal SARS like virus, and this SARS like virus was determined coming from naturally occurred virus in bat. The 2nd step – making this biochemical virus had begun. Now they also had a good excuse to start the vaccine development.

Why not use SARS virus directly as a biochemical weapon? In the first article, we analyzed and concluded that, compares to SARS virus, the ability to make people sick with this CCP virus is not as much as SARS and the severity of the sickness and death rates are much lower than SARS. However, this CCP virus is highly contagious, and it’s much more clever than SARS. Its incubation period is long and it’s hard to detect. It meets biochemical gene weapon standard, and most importantly it’s highly contagious, with long incubation period and low death rate. Plus using SARS virus as weapon directly would be too obvious.

Another key problem needed to be solved was the transformation of the technical route issues. We mentioned it in our article 1 and article 2 – how the decision was made regarding altering S protein’s technical transformation plan. The process from altering S protein, re-emergency establishment, animal testing to the establishment of the multiple viruses biochemical arsenal was very long, and it needed personnel, equipment, even lab conditioned facilities. At that time, China did not have the capacity. How to get those required items? Seek help from international communities of course, especially the help of the United States. Subsequently, Thousand Talent Plan and Young Thousand Talent Plan were kicked off.

Ship Sinking Plan is CCP’s top secret plan. We only know a little bit of information from GUO Wengui’s Whistleblower Movement. Biological gene weapon research and development needed a good cover and in the name of benefiting people was a good excuse to start the program. That was why 2003’s SARS was the very first important time and event.


The second important timeline and event was October 2016’s swine flu happened in Qingyuan, Guangdong. Participating units included: Wuhan Virology Research Institute, Academy of Military Sciences, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, South China Agricultural University, Singapore DUK-NUS New Infectious Disease Research Institute and America’s Ecoheath Alliance. The other participating units included: Taishan Medical College. Guangdong Institute of Applied Biological Resources, School of Public Health, Wuhan University, Guangdong Laboratory Animal Monitoring Institute and North China University of Science and Technology. Why organized so many teams to study this virus in such remote mountain?They knew in advance that this was a new coronavirus caused by a new coronavirus that was transmitted directly from animals (pigs) to the other, rather than a new coronavirus. In the second article we have argued that this was an experimental exercise in the transmission of a new coronavirus to obtain data to test the effectiveness of this viral weapon for transmission.

The fourth step in animal simulation experiments with mice had been done in the P3 animal laboratory at the Wuhan Virology Institute. Mammalian experiments had been done on monkeys at the Kunming Animal Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Guangzhou Animal Institute. What’s needed now was an experiment in zoonotic infections. Choosing a remote area in the mountain was ideal scenario: one for secrecy, two for avoiding leak from the experiment. So far, we don’t see any real photos of this bizarre new coronavirus swine flu prevention field study. Their published research paper is to cover up and to guide public opinion, and of course the study is a notable research finding. But another article of theirs spilled the beans: it tells us that CCP has mastered this ultimate biogenetic weapon in 2016!

So it’s no surprise that ZHAO Yongfang died. ZHAO Yongfang was supposed to have been exposed to the core secrets of the development of the inhibitors associated with this swine flu virus weapons test while researching in the lab earlier stage of the 2016 swine flu outbreak. In another word, the inhibitors had been developed and was being assembled, at the National Key Bio-macromolecule Laboratory of Institute of Biochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, headed by RAO Zihe. ZHAO was “accidently died” due to her some kind of act of conscience. RAO made a rare appearance at ZHAO’s funeral, but it’s definitely not as simple as leaders caring about their subordinates or mentors caring about their students. We already have enough evidence to prove that RAO Zihe was not ZAO’s mentor. On RAO’s resume, although it shows that he had moved to Tianjin Nankai University as president in 2011, but his experience after 2014 is vague. We are certain that, in 2016, RAO was still leading the work of National Key Bio-macromolecule Laboratory of Institute of Biochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Afterward, RAO became one of the main leaders of the research program at the Shanghai University of Science and Technology. What does that mean? The people who control RAO Zihe and the power behind it are about to be revealed. We should ask – what ZHAO Yongfang really died of?

The importance of 2016’s swine flu biochemical weapon test (Can be called like this) is that through simulation exercise, data was obtained. These data were inputted to another computer simulation system, through transmitting simulation, tested & predicted effectiveness of propagation among populations, including the impacts on health, livelihood and economics of various groups of countries.

We don’t know the name of the simulation model, but the name of the researcher, based on our analysis of the excavated data, guessed that it was the People’s Liberation Army Defense Chemical College, the same Defense Chemical College as mentioned by GUO Wengui. Professor HUANG Shunxiang, deputy director of a xxxx center, his most outstanding research is aerosols, in other words, the ways and means of virus transmission through aerosols and related data. Professor HUANG received many honors for his findings. HUANG developed a mathematical model of viral aerosol propagation from his extensive data collected in the field, which led to the development of a system to simulate viral aerosol propagation. Aerosol transmission is the main mode of transmission of this new Corona virus. HUANG and his team are responsible for spreading the virus, or dropping the virus, relying on this system, they know where to drop the virus most effectively and who to drop it most safely. This is a formal biochemical weapon force.

That is why we say 2016’s swine flu was a key point. ZHAO Yongfang had to die because she accidently learned about this core secret. Although her two young children are motherless, ZHAO’s husband still diligently work for that invisible big boss (ZHAO’s boss too) at Shanghai Science and Technology University, hilarious, isn’t it.

That is why we say 2016’s swine flu was a key point. ZHAO Yongfang had to die because she accidently learned about this core secret. Although her two young children are motherless, ZHAO’s husband still diligently work for that invisible big boss (ZHAO’s boss too) at Shanghai Science and Technology University, hilarious, isn’t it.

Is it that simple? Is it really the end of this ultimate biochemical weapon? Where is the “preventable and controllable” vaccine?

Continues the next section.

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