Questioning CCP-created Heroes Could Send You to jail

Authors: 自由战士   Seamoon

Recently a draft law on the protection of heroes and martyrs was submitted to the National People’s Congress of China, a rubber stamp legislative institution of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The law would make “insulting and defamation” of historic heroic figures a crime.

This move was a response to some widespread articles doubting the authenticity of model heroes that CCP molded in its history textbook, which include the Korean war PLA soldier Huang JiGuang who reportedly blocked a firing machine gun with his body. “These heroes are the manifestations of our socialism core values, and their reputation must be safeguarded.”, the draft law stated. If passed, any act or article that “distorts, demonize, defame and deny the deeds and spirits of heroes” would constitute a crime that could result in civil and criminal liabilities.

It is well known that CCP rules by violence and lies. Ever since its inception, CCP created many heroes to glory itself and to brainwash the Chinese people. From the early anti-Japanese war boy scout Pan DongZi to the 60s’ model comrade Lei Feng, their brave and selfless acts have been inculcated in the minds of every Chinese people.

However, as time goes by, more and more Chinese people, especially the younger generation born after the 1980s, have been awake and seen through CCP’s tricks. Therefore, the main purpose of this law is to prevent any possibilities of doubts, disagreement, and even rebellions against the CCP’s regime. 

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Jun. 28, 2020