HK Magistrate Reprimands a Young Pro-democracy Protestor as “Criminal”

A 23-year old stage designer was arrested and charged for possessing an offensive weapon in public and attempting to commit arson with intent in a protest-related activity in Tseung Kwan O last October.

He has been detained for 7 months since his arrest. He was released on bail mid May 2020 to take care of his mother who was sick. She passed away a few days later after he was granted bail.

Earlier on, he pled guilty to both charges in the regional court and was handed severe sentence of 4-year imprisonment on June 24.

In her ruling, the magistrate disapproved of the usage of petrol bombs as a legitimate mean to express disagreement. She pointed out that even if the defendant did not intend to harm any police officer, his behaviour did put safety of the officers at risk. She continued saying that his behaviour made him “a ‘criminal’, not a protester and he should be treated as such.”

Source: Stand News

Contributor: GM02

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Jun. 28, 2020