Global Time lied again on the penetration of CCP into Australia

Author: 雨人   自由自律

Editors: Justice  文小懒儿

The CCP’s propaganda agency ‘Global Times’ reported that the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), sent more than a dozen detectives without uniforms on the morning of June 26 to search the home of a parliamentarian in New South Wales to find the evidence that he had secret connection to China and helped China to infiltrate Australia.

The MP who was investigated by ASIO named Shaoquett Moselmane is a member of the Labour Party. He used to be the assistant speaker of the House of Lords of the Australian Parliament of New Wales. At the end of March 2020, Shaoquett Moselmane wrote an article on the China’s response to COVID-19, in which he praised the leadership of the Chinese government. However, Moselmane was forced to resign from his public office in April 2020.

The Global Times indicated that as the US government began to madly shift its own responsibility for poor handling of COVID-19 to China in April, and the Australian political and media were controlled by anti-Chinese forces, this article on Moselmane’s recognition of Covid-19 prevention of Chinese government led him to resign Moselmane’s article let to his resignation from public office. The Global Times also quoted the news from ‘the Sydney Morning Herald’ to verify that relevance. But things didn’t seem to end there. On the morning of June 26, the Australian Security Intelligence Group searched his home.

Global Times claimed “the well-informed sources” revealed to the Global Times that the ASIO’s search of Shaoquett Moselmane was a political persecution by the anti-Chinese against the pro-Chinese. Furthermore the Global Times believed that there were some traces of political manipulation. First of all, there are three media “The Sydney Morning Herald”, “The Age ” and “60 minutes of Nine Network”, all under Channel Nine Group, that dug deep on Moselmane, are the same driving forces that hyped the fraudster Wang Liqiang as ‘Chinese spy’ at the end of 2019, and promoted the fake news in Australia that Taiwai’s alert of an outbreak was ignored by WHO.  Secondly, all three media who reported Moselmane’s investigation attempted to put out judgement before evidence. Before Moselmane’s case had not been subject to an Australian judicial decision, the three media had already put Moselmane’s photo on a Chinese national flag background. What’s more, the three media had conducted interviews with the Australian Anti-Chinese Agency, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), supported by a number of Western arms dealers, including the United States, as well as Alex Joske, an anti-Chinese researcher in ASPI who once worked as a journalist with three media on Wang Liqiang’s case.

According to the above analysis, the Global Times thought that political manipulation is too obvious that Moselmane’s case might not be carried out with normal judicial procedures, but would be steered towards a plot of China penetrating Australia which had already been scripted by those anti-Chinese political power. Global Times stated that the Moselmane’s case is a big concern of those who want to maintain good relations with China, and they would be bound to interact with China and express their opinions more cautiously in future.

As a mouthpiece of CCP, the Global Times once again lied like a clown in front of the world. With a well-established democratic and legal system in Australia, an investigation of a lawmaker as in this case must strictly follow legal procedures. Australia’s ASIO’s investigation of this MP would not have started without sufficient evidences.  The CCP has two common tricks to threaten and to lie. The Global Times’ first lie is to turn Australia’s legal action into a political persecution of the anti- Chinese.  This can deceive 1.4 billion Chinese people and cause misunderstanding and hatred towards Australia. Meanwhile, CCP misled Chinese people to believe that the western world countries are hostile to our Chinese so they would make themselves the savvier that protected the Chinese from suffering from disasters.  This is how CCP had done to successfully consolidate its domination and kidnap 1.4 billion people in China.

The Whistleblower movement is the first to put forward the concept that the CCP is not equal to Chinese. It has made an essential distinction between 1.4 billion Chinese people and the CCP.  It is the CCP that bring disasters to the world, and the 1.4 billion Chinese people are also victims.  Western governments have begun to accept the concept that CCP is not equal to Chinese.  Australia is one of them, and it is taking actions as fast as it can to stop the penetration of CCP into Australia.   


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Jun. 27, 2020