CCP Butchers the Future of Kids by Food Poisoning

⚠️ This article is talking about the crucial food safety reality in Communist China, especially to the children. It could make people uncomfortable.⚠️

Author: Doco 文鼎

Editor: Justice After All (正义之师)

In 2012, the State Council of China issued “The Decision of the State Council on Strengthening Food Safety“, and later on “The State Council’s Advice on Deepening Reform and Strengthening Food Safety Operation” in 2019. Nevertheless, what we witness under CCP’s ruling are countless food safety incidents on campuses alone. In March 2020, 199 students were hospitalized due to food poisoning in a high school in Guizhou, China. This concern is beyond food safety itself, as malnutrition, lack of fresh vegetables in the diet or adequate food supply haunts many students in our modern world under CCP’s watch.  Of course, by showcasing Zhongnanhai’s (where senior officials of CCP gang up) lavish banquets routinely, CCP disguised these deeply concerning problems by flattering its so-claimed “second largest economy globally”. We cannot ignore the ugly truth under the surface.

  • The following video shows a protest of parents due to food safety incident that took place in Chengdu 7th Middle School in March. In the video, the food provided to the students has significantly deteriorated and discolored, and many items have expired. A mom stated with anguish that both her daughter and son suffer permanent developmental problems such as slow body growth by eating the food provided in the school cafeteria for several years. Judging by the scale of the protests caused by the incident, there must be hundreds of victims affected and all those families have to deal with this misery chronically. It’s ridiculous that although the CCP subsequently held a press conference to admit that the vermicelli was moldy, it focused on accusing some parents of publishing “fake photos”, and issuing sample “inspection results” showing that “there were no problems with the food”, and further suppressing the parents who had all the rights to protest.
  • This video shows a chef in a kindergarten in Zhengzhou argues with the school why the ingredients provided to the children are all moldy and spoiled. This chef spoke out of his good conscience and obviously he has had enough. The school must have been aware of this matter, but in this case, the school has some type of receipts to “prove” that the food has not deteriorated, which is obviously the result of collusion between the school and the supplier.
  • The following video took place in a kindergarten in Tai’an, Shandong. A parent was questioning why the teacher gave the child spoiled food. The teacher actually answered by lying that it was for the teachers. It is hard to imagine that any teacher will eat spoiled food like this who has any common sense or is aware of the situation remotely. The noodles shown have been covered with mildew spots. Other videos of the same kindergarten on the internet have shown that many other food items have been spoiled, and the kitchen is filthy.

The is just the tip of the iceberg, considering the numerous food poisoning cases under the CCP’s operation every year. The CCP often claims that children are the future of the country and when this future generation grow up, they will serve the country. However, CCP is destroying their future instead of nurturing and protecting it. The CCP ideology views the people as dispensable tools, rather than valuable human lives. Mr. Hao Haidong, the world leading soccer player from China who announced the Declaration of the New Federal State of China, has made it clear: eliminating the malicious and hideous CCP dictatorship is to serve justice.


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