WUXI residents killed by sewage truck for collecting evidence

Author: 雨人   Seamoon

There is a small river at the intersection of Jincheng Road and Chunxin Road in Xinwu District, Wuxi City. Local residents found someone driving a truck to pour sewage into a small river. There was thick white foam on the river surface, accompanied by a pungent smell. One resident came up to question the truck driver. Instead of answering any questions, the driver suddenly drove away to escape. The resident tried to intercept the truck by riding an electric bike in front of it. To everyone’s surprise, the truck knocked him down and drove off, leaving him dead on spot. 

Put the traffic regulation aside, there is one thing that worths noticing. Why did the man put himself in great danger to stop the truck? After all, it should have been the duty of those officials from Environmental Protection Bureau to deal with the case. The truth is dumping sewage in that river has become very common and residents in the neighborhood did report to local regulatory authority many times. Yet, the feedback from authority was that case must be caught on site, otherwise it would be difficult for the regulatory authority to make any moves. Moreover, it even suggested people obtain evidence of such illegal behavior through taking photos or videos by themselves. That would explain the reason why the man killed under the wheel was taking the risk to intercept the truck.

Under the totalitarianism of CCP, Chinese people would not dare to depend on authorities to serve the justice and when they voluntarily do the job for the authorities to collect evidences with the hope of protecting their basic rights, their lives are in great danger.


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Jun. 25, 2020