CCP’s Extravagant Life: A Sneak Peak

Recently, He Eryun, the CCP Village Party Secretary for the village of Nanhua, town of Jiangjing in Fujian Province, came into the public’s attention. He was exposed to force villagers who intend to build houses, to “donate” to the elderly association in order to obtain a “construction permit”. He collected more than 2 million yuan ($280,000) and put them into his own pocket. 

Dirty Deal: Nearly 100 Villagers Were Forced to Donate

Nanhua Village in Jiangjing Town has more than 8,000 residents. With the rapid development of rural construction in recent years, people are eager to build more houses. According to the tip-off materials, Secretary He Eryun found “business opportunities” from it, and took advantage of issuing a construction permit, asking the villagers to donate RMB 1-3 million ($140,000-$420,000) to the elderly association. No donation, no construction. 

“Donating one million is no problem if it is voluntary. However, we are forced to do so and the standards of acquiring the construction permit are different for villagers. Our overbearing secretary has the final say. ” He’s villager reported.

The tip-off materials from the villagers show that more than 100 villagers were affected, and the amount involved was more than 2 million yuan ($280,000), which was put into the elderly association account and never made public. The withdrawal is up to He Eryun himself, together with his relatives He Xinxiong, He Dunsheng, He Yirui, He Wenren, He Ruiyun, He Guojin, etc. He Eryun gave them a monthly sealing fee of 3,000 yuan ($430) per person and took them to high-end facilities. He reimbursed those recreational expenses in the name of material costs, machinery costs, and labor costs.

Besides the construction permit, all construction projects must be undertaken by He Eryun’s brother, He Erhua. Otherwise, the construction project would be troubled and threatened that the construction permit was subject to retraction. Villagers can only hold back their anger and dare not speak against him.

Boldly Arrogant: RMB 120,000 ($17,000) Subsidies Remitted to He Eryun Wife’s Account

Villagers exposed that He Eryun also misappropriated state funds by reimbursing expenses using duplicate accounts and set up his personal “little coffers”.

In 2016, the state allocated more than 55,300 yuan ($7,900) of agricultural subsidies to Nanhua Village, and 64,931.55 yuan ($9,275) in 2017. All the money went to He’s wife’s Account. While after petitions from the villagers one after another, he returned the subsidies in 2018, but was not investigated by the authority. However, He Eryun held a grudge towards those whistleblowers, making it difficult for them to build houses in one way or another.

An anonymous villager informed he or she donated money to renovate Nanhua Primary School’s buildings, however, He took advantage of his position and forcibly contracted the project to his brother He Erhua without bidding, whose contract cost three times more than the market price.

He Eryun also lives an extravagant lifestyle. He likes to spend nights in the high-end hotels and purchased a set of mahogany desks worth more than 50,000 yuan ($7,143) for his office, all with public funds. He arranged his surbodinates’ offices on the first floor, while enjoying the whole second floor by himself, which highlights his prominent position as the chief village secretary, while making it convenient and private to receive bribery gifts from villagers.

In fact, there are innumerable corrupted government officials in China like He Eryun. It is not uncommon for officials and businessmen to collude and oppress the people. Chinese civilians must not only endure the suffering of exploitation, but also swallow their tongues. This is because in most cases, officials stick up for and protect one another and the complaints administration performs practically no function. Whether or not to investigate, how to investigate is all up to the officials, which was evident from Mr. Miles Guo Wengui’s illustration. According to data released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security in 2019, the lowest-ranking public official in the Chinese civil service system has a monthly base salary of 2,800 yuan ($400) and the ministry-level official of 6,000 yuan ($857) per month. This is insignificant compared to other job opportunities under the current standard of living in most cities. Nevertheless, the annual civil service examination still attracts numerous candidates. As the Chinese proverb goes, when one becomes an immortal, his chickens and dogs all fly to heaven. The fundamental reason is that China’s legal and supervision system are defective. Under CCP’s administration, the rule of man is greater than the rule of law. Of course, the Chinese people surely know this, and more often they turn a blind eye to the deformed social structure because they know without a perfect supervision system, their voices are like a drop in the ocean and are drown by louder “official” voices. Unless there is fundamental change in social institutions, things like this will only never cease to happen.


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“Absolute power corrupts absolutely” – the story of the CCP from top to bottom. Horrific.


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