Hong Kong Firefighter Arrested during Protests: “Between fighting fires and saving lives — I choose to save Hong Kong”

Nov. 14, 2019   

Firefighters try to extinguish a fire set by anti-government protesters, after leader Carrie Lam announced emergency laws that would include banning face masks at protests, in Wong Tai Sin district, in Hong Kong, China October 4, 2019. REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha

My child will be born in 2019. I don’t know what Hong Kong would become as it inches towards 2047, when my child grows up as a youth. If we lost, History would only remember us as rioters. That’s why Hong Kong people must carry on.

Rough transcript of the letter read aloud at a gathering in Tamar Park support for firefighters & medical personnel yesterday:

I am a firefighter who was arrested by police. My wife is 9 months pregnant, I won’t be there for my son’s birth. It’s my wife’s birthday today.

Between fighting fires and saving lives, I choose to save Hong Kong.

I am praying for HK’s future. I was beaten but I could not stand by and do nothing. If the CCP wins, Hongkongers will only learn that 2019 was about a bunch of “rioters” “destroying HK”. My son won’t even know why his father served time in prison.

People should continue to stand up and fight, because they will only keep arresting, killing and beating people. Because they see nothing wrong with that and don’t have to answer for their actions. If we stop, they’ll just keep doing what they’re doing, we have to fight back to show them that there are consequences.

All the claims are true, I’ve seen them with my own eyes, there are grave war crimes being committed here, except we’re not ‘officially’ at war. I urge all my fellow firemen to wake up and not to bend to the higher-up’s will, as they are already on the CCP’s side. Myself and my colleagues were forced to cover up police crimes.

I’m against violence, but after 7.21 (July 21 Yuen Long triad attack), it’s no longer just about police and protesters. The triad white-shirts weren’t even stopped and searched and carried swords and weapons openly in front of police. If the police actually call laser-pointers “weapons”, then why did they do nothing to stop these triad thugs?

We don’t want any violence, who does? We are here to help whoever is needed.

Hongkongers, ga yau! Resist! I can only whisper “Resist!”

I can’t fight with you but I am there as a fireman after you do your “fire magic”.

Conflict is a fact of life. Police claim to be Hongkongers but have no humanity. No one trusts you any longer. I do not want to dissolve the police force, I only want every police to find their conscience again.

Source: Stand News, 4chan

Part 1: http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/233151085/hkg-hong-kong-general#p233204881

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