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First, what is virus research: its structure, classification, evolution, infection, reservoir & reservoir cell’s reproductive method, the reciprocal relationship between the virus and the reservoir in terms of physiologic & immunization, the disease they can cause, the technics of separation and cultivation, and their application in research & treatment. The purpose of this virus research is to eliminate the virus. By keep this in mind, let’s take a look at published research papers since 2003 regarding this virus and any other kinds of virus, and evaluate the true purpose of CCP’s virus research!

1. In 2003, when SARS broke out. Scientists started to look for the source of the virus (no one knows their intentions). So people like SHI Zhengli (with *) began separating/extracting virus from the bat. Their research paper was published on Science magazine. They claimed that they had extracted Corona Virus from the bat.

2. In 2008, SHI Zhengli’s team published 2nd article on Journal of Virology.

First, both human SARS virus and 2019’s CCP Virus use ACE-2 infect human cells

3. SHI Zhengli’s research paper concluded with 3 findings:

A. Bat virus is incapable entering into human cells through ACE-2

B. Human SARS virus could not possibly combined / mixed with bat’s ACE-2

C. However, if taking a small portion of the combination of human SARS virus and ACE-2 (310-518, about 200 Amino Acid), and combine it with bat’s S protein, bat virus CAN infect human cells.

So what we can say is, as early as 2008, the method and technics of changing / transforming bat virus to infect human have already existed.

4. The article’s author mentioned the importance of these research. The author wrote, bat virus can’t use ACE-2 infecting human; when searching for the source of SARS virus, they found SARS virus wasn’t directly from bat. But what was the reservoir of the virus? So we have to continue to look for viruses in other wildlife.

5. If I see the research result, what should I do? I would try to find the remainder of the S protein from bat virus and SARS virus, because these remaining components are important in the process of evolution. I also would use these remaining components to design a vaccine or medicine to contain the virus. To study how to inhibit this virus from entering the cell! But the scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research, the first thing that came to mind was to isolate more viruses from more wild animals.

6.Separating, extracting, and obtaining more virus from more wild animals can prove who’s the virus reservoir? Bet not. For example, if you obtained a virus from Beijing dictators, this virus can infect human and bat, all you can prove is bat virus might be able to evolve and become SARS virus through this path, you will never able to prove the reservoir of the virus, which is Beijing dictators.

Therefore, I think this is just an excuse for them to continue to find various viruses and enrich the manufacture of biochemical arsenals.

7. Below in yellow is the original SHI’s article, a section mentioning looking for more virus from more wildlife species

8. In 2013, SHI Zhengli published another research paper on NATURE, saying that by using the bat virus extract and ACE-2, it can produce a new virus and this new virus can infect human cells. But can you really extract this virus from bat virus?

9. Chart below is from SHI’s paper. On the right of the yellow line are numbers for the new infectious bat virus & old bat virus (such as Rs672 thereafter). On the left, are numbers for the SARS virus (from GZ02 to SZ3), as comparison.

10. Look at those protein numbers on the chart:, ORF7a,ORF7b,ORF8,they are all similar to bat virus (from yellow line to right, numbers getting bigger). The similarity to bat virus on several of them is 100%. These must be the bat virus protein. But several protein numbers above, especially protein from the ACE-2 and S protein combination, are similar to human SARS virus. Therefore, this virus displays a manipulated & re-emerged (man-made?) characteristics.

11. How did the virus re-emergence occur in the bat, by nature or by CCP’s P4 Lab? Did CCP’s P4 lab engineered the virus but claimed otherwise? First, in her above article, SHI Zhengli claimed SARS virus can’t use bat’s ACE-2 entering bat cells. SARS ACE-2 is significantly different from bat’s ACE-2. That is why even there is a Corona virus evolved from bat through ACE-2, it is still very difficult for that Corona virus to enter human cells through human ACE-2.

12. Let’s assume the virus comes from the bat’s evolution, occurs naturally, assume it can infect bat and at the same time infects human cells with its ACE-2. The result of this assumption is the potential similarity of the S protein and SARS protein, because it needs ACE-2 as reservoir. BUT, why would ORF3A,ORF3B & S protein, all have higher similarity to SARS virus?

13. I find an explaination for the CCP: the bat changed its own DNA, infected by SARS, after its careless long flight to Yunan, re-emerged its own sequence, 10 years later, caught by CCP”s P4 lab!

Our personal view on the Corona virus is that, it is a lab recombinant virus. The reason for SHI’s team to publish their article, was to lay groundwork for their future biochemical weapon development. So they can say, see, this infectious virus naturally existed from bat.

14. Now CCP has this biochemical weapon, what do they want to do next? Of course is to tested it out! That’s why they published the article below. This time, SHI’s team found someone willing to test for them (why would anyone be willing to cooperate with them? Because with this virus’ S protein, someone can randomly test a few animals. The test result can be published as a top notch study paper. For some scientists, this can be very seductive).

15. This research paper was published at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The test of the virus used S protein as described in SHI’s 2013 published paper in mouse-adapted SARS-Cov backbone. The results indicated that it can replicate in human cells and it can cause mouse’ lung injury. Some scientists expressed concern about this research at the time. They think it can potentially expose human to outbreaks.

16. Not long ago, CCP’s media frantically attacked the lab of University of North Carolina, saying that this reemergenced virus came from the US lab. CCP used the above research paper as reference. However, the most important component of this virus, S protein, came from SHI Zhengli! The same S protein as described in SHI’s 2013 research paper.

The above is CCP’s article claiming the Americans created this infectious virus. It used the result from University of North Carolina’s lab test.

17. In summary and conclusion, CCP’s 44 sets research papers are the history of the CCP’s biochemical weapon development history. We discovered that, the CCP has completed 1) the discovery of the bat virus 2) re-emergence technics 3) the establishment of this virus re-emergency & their strategies & actions to escape scrutiny & responsibility 4) animal model testing – from none to the whole process

18. Lastly, I want to say:

1) All the reference materials come from the published papers of CCP’s Wuhan Virology Research Lab. These evidence and facts are indisputable. Any facts from unpublished papers, only they know.

2) The creation of this biochemical weapon was not done by one individual. It’s a result of a team(s) / group(s) effort. Vice Chairman WANG Qishan and the lab’s GUO Deyin are directly responsible for the tragedy in creating & releasing this CCP virus. SHI Zhengli is just a researcher & follower of CCP’s devil regime.


Bats Are Natural Reservoirs of SARS-Like Coronaviruses

Difference in Receptor Usage between Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Coronavirus and SARS-Like Coronavirus of Bat Origin

Isolation and characterization of a bat SARS-like coronavirus that uses the ACE2 receptor

A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence

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