CCP unleashes more lethal virus strain “optimized” to kill with D614G mutation

According to Caixin report on Jun 22, the virus found in Beijing is more lethal with D614G mutation. As Chinese dissident Miles Guo has warned that the CCP kept creating new strains of viruses to defeat the US.

English translation of the Tweet:

Cixin’s Report on June 22: the novel coronavirus strain found in Beijing’s market showed D614G mutation. According to the statistics, it is quickly becoming the dominant strain in the world with increased potency and lethality:

  • 0% at the beginning of this year
  • 26% in March
  • 65% in April
  • 70% in May

The video in the Tweet shows a crowded virus testing site in Beijing.

Please click here to read more about D614G mutation:

Even though the CCP said that this strain of the virus was “imported” from Europe, but the mutation was “optimized” to infect and kill, contrary to the natural progression of viruses that get weaker over time.

As Miles Guo said that the only way to stop the pandemic is to destroy the CCP, because the CCP keeps producing more and more lethal viruses and developing vaccines is impossible without the original virus samples from the CCP labs.

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Jun. 23, 2020