Professor Suspended for comments on Hong Kong

Author: LittleLazy

Editors:  诰佑   自由自律   Seamoon

According to updates from the Hubei University website: on June 20th, the university conducted its Communist Party Standing Committee (and Expansion) Conference, mainly focusing on topics related to a teaching staff who, according to the CCP’s rule, took the wrong side and commented on Hong Kong issue with a supportive tone. 

The conference announced the handling decision regarding Professor Liang Yanping in the Department of Literature. Based on the announcement, Professor Liang Yanping exhibited a history of consecutively making and forwarding “false” comments regarding “Hong Kong” and “Japan” on social media. The school believed Liang’s behavior not only violated the Communist Party’s discipline and ethics, but also undermined the reputation of education professionals. Without detailing any of her comments, the news reported the detrimental social impact from her comments. Therefore, the Communist Party Committee decided to expel her from the party and the University suspended her from teaching and supervising graduate students. The final decision regarding Liang’s case was unanimous among the University board members. The decision also showed that University has the great commitment of loyalty to the Communist Party.

What happened to Liang Yanping in Hubei University is not a stand-alone case in the course of the History of the People’s Republic of China since 1949. Voices of individuals who dare to speak out and against the will of the Chinese government and the ruling class are constantly muffled and crushed. Those individuals are ostracized and severely punished for their actions of valor. There will be more and more Dr.Li Wenliang and Professor Liang Yanping as long as the CCP lingers around .


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Jun. 22, 2020