Another COVID-19 Whistleblower Silenced by CCP

Author: Red Devil

Editor: Justice After All (正义之师)

Along with the newest outbreak of COVID-19 in Beijing, on 6/19/2020, the Beijing News website posted an announcement from Xiong County Police Department (XCPD). It claims XCPD caught someone spreading the new COVID-19 pandemic “rumors” through Wechat and soon pinned the target, Ms. Ma (48-years old female).

Police announcement: June 19, Ma is arrested of spreading COVID-19 rumors. (The public can’t even know what Ma has said.)

She was immediately arrested and held in detention. The police department emphasized that the public should not believe or spread such “rumors”. Doesn’t this sound familiar to you? A déjà vu moment exactly! Think about what happened to Dr. Li Wenliang!

Such “case reports” happen over and over again under the administration of CCP. Dr. Li Wenliang, the whistleblower of then potential COVID-19 pandemic in Wuhan, noticed the pattern of “SARS-like” positive test reports of his patients in his hospital. To warn his friends and colleagues, Li posted “7 confirmed SARS-like cases” in his Wechat. To validate his comment, he also attached a photocopy of an anonymous patient’s test report and CT scan. Ironically but not surprisingly, instead of being honored as the whistleblower hero, Li was warned by his hospital and Wuhan health department the next day. Finally, on 1/3/2020 he was held in detention by the Wuhan police department (WPD). Almost at the same time WPD posted the case report on its official website and defined Li as one of the eight “SARS-rumormongers”. The CCP government denied the disease as “human to human transmissible” until 1/20/2020 when it seemed impossible to conceal the truth of the new “SARS-like” disease, COVID-19. Unfortunately, after released by the police, Li was infected by the coronavirus while working in the hospital and passed away on 2/7/2020 from it. 

As a typical totalitarianism regime, concealing the truth of the society’s dark side is always the key method for CCP administration to enslave their people and fool the world. To prevent Chinese people from knowing the truth, CCP could trick their people into faking prosperity and let them attribute their “happy lives” to CCP’s leadership. To hide the dark side of its dictatorship, CCP could deceive the world that China is a democratic country with a free market. Meanwhile, CCP wants the world to believe that all Chinese people are supporting its dictatorship and the regime is trustworthy. 

However, persistent silencing and punishing whistleblowers have severely impaired Chinese people’s fundamental rights, including their most basic human rights and the natural rights of owning property. The air pollution nationwide, the concentration camps in Xinjiang, the brutal suppression of HK protestors… With CCP’s dirty tricks and years’ of practice in covering up the truth, no one in the world knows China’s real data regarding COVID-19 pandemic, including cases infected and death tolls, and it allowed the virus to spread across the globe affecting more than 220 countries and to kill more than 430,000 people. 

If the CCP government was even remotely responsible and truthful, it would have immediately sounded the alarm of this horrific infectious disease and reported it to WHO instead of coercing it into being part of the cover-ups, and if the world was able to hear Dr. Li’s voice on social media, it would not be delayed for 21 days to miss the critical point. Now, when many epidemiologists predicting that the second wave of the pandemic is about to come, the CCP government silenced the potential new whistleblower again. CCP’s credit went completely bankrupt already during this pandemic and nothing else was left to build the rust back. UK prime minister, Mr. Boris Johnson, believed it is actually “40 times the number of coronavirus cases the CCP government said”. Besides, several times the CCP government has rejected U.S.’ requests for an independent investigation of the source of COVID-19. What is it trying to hide from the world? Until we can crack open the truth of COVID-19, more innocent people are about to die, and the blood is on nobody else but CCP’s hands!


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