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Why the BLM Riots Could Bring Disaster Upon Everyone – CCP Style?

Author:Miss Roberts


Boris Johnson Says He Will Defend Winston Churchill’s Statue ‘With Every Breath in My Body’ as the Battle Over the UK’s Memorials Intensifies

This is the stage where everything gets exciting. You are a Londoner. You are Western and middle-class, and you have never known hunger or any real oppression. You make the short journey from your house in Kensington with one objective: bring down the statue of Churchill. In your uninformed mind, your actions are righteous, because all you are doing is attacking the tall, proud symbols of historical oppression and open racism. Better yet, your efforts are free of consequence. The police that would have stopped you have been side-lined, villainised, and depicted as the offender of your (apparent) oppression. The law belongs to you now: the young socialist who proudly flies the hammer and sickle.

A dangerous mass-hysteria has taken over. Weeks ago, you would have walked past these old statues without paying any attention. You would be far more interested in the screen of your iPhone. But then George Floyd was murdered. Following this, righteous protests quickly turned to rioting and looting on a scale similar to the 1992 Riots of Los Angeles. The key difference this time is that the woke, PC, socialist, neo-communist agitators in society saw an opportunity.

The righteous cause of sincere BLM protesters was quickly hijacked and co-opted by a far more sinister group. As Boris Johnson tweeted recently: “it is clear that the protests have been sadly hijacked by extremist’s intent on violence.” This shadowy group does not care for colour; it is not interested in black, white, yellow, or brown: only red. Blood red. CCP red. By cloaking themselves behind the cause of BLM, these reactionaries wish to succeed via violence what they could never hope to achieve at the ballot box. They are short-sighted. They are you. Indeed, it has only taken you a few days to transform from a “champagne socialist,’ with secret and romantic fantasies of revolution – to full-time statue slayer.

Will they tear down Churchill, Gandhi and Mandela, too?

The scale and organisation of this transformation is suspicious. However, it is also less important than the potential results: disaster. History is full of examples of iconoclasm (破坏偶像主义), turning into something horrible. This is because it does not stop at pulling down the statues. It does not stop at cancelling all the old BBC TV shows or literature or by, ironically, policing the Internet. No, because that is when it started, when everyone and everything that has upset you have been removed, you will invariably realise that the perfect world you imagined still does not exist. In fact, it could only get a lot worse. For the well-off Londoners, so convinced of their moral superiority – the shock could not be more significant. In the end, what if it is *them* that are suddenly problematic? What if society decides it was *you* that most benefitted from the oppression of the Empire and the working class. What if your million-pound terrace house in Kensington is burned down? And that the same rope used for the statues finds itself around your neck?

Impossible? If only. The Chinese could give you a hundred examples of why you are mistaken. They could give you a hundred examples of why the hammer and sickle sticker on your £500 backpack makes them shake their head. But we could also look closer to home for examples, such as France. In the French Revolution, a group called the Jacobins (雅各宾俱乐部) had a remarkably similar fall from grace. They were the more extremist and self-righteous minority of the revolution that began a 7-week period known as the ‘Reign of Terror’ (雅各宾专政). In a bout of mass-hysteria, some 1300 people were guillotined by the Jacobins and their leader, Robespierre. Many of those victims were revolutionaries themselves, and their crime was ‘not revolutionary enough.’ Famously, as one of these revolutionaries, Jacques Danton – was led by Robespierre to the place of his execution, he vowed: “You will follow us shortly. Your house shall be beaten down and sowed with salt.” His vision came true, and shortly after Robespierre was beheaded. The revolution, as the saying goes: “devoured its children.”

Such a fate was similarly handed out to many of Mao’s followers in China. When the ultra-revolutionary Red Guards of the May Sixteenth Army Corps (五一六分子)fell out of favour with Mao – he had them all killed or imprisoned. In Jiangsu Province alone, this was about 130,000 people. That is to say nothing of the tens of millions that otherwise died in the cultural revolution. Most of these people were innocent of any crime. But who cares? In these persecutions, there are no trials. It becomes more of a witch hunt. Like the innocent villagers of Salem were burned at the mere suspicion of witchcraft. The communists also execute anyone they even suspect to be against their so-called revolution. The ignorance of youth may give the children of the West the confidence to say: “It will be different this time.”

But will it?

The Cultural Revolution, “Breaking the Four Oldies”: The Most Extinct Civilizational Catastrophe in World History

Perhaps before they start going down this path of arrogantly ‘correcting history’, they should study it – not destroy it. Perhaps they should look across the ocean for lessons. Perhaps they should look at what happened in China and in Hong Kong, where these very iconoclasts and revolutionaries took over, and now the only law that exists is whatever they say. It is, after all, the exact fate that Winston Churchill saved them from. To quote the famous black singer, Colonel Abrams: “How soon we forget.”

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