CCP blames Salmon on Beijing’s COVID-19 outbreak

Author: Horus莲花

Video shows the dealers killing fish brutally after the outbreak of COVID-19 in Beijing.

Since the resurgence of COVID-19 infection cases in Beijing on June 11, salmon has quickly become a major suspect in the spread of the virus. Even the detected virus appeared on the chopping board of salmon and no one knows whether the salmon carried the virus or the chopping board was contaminated by the person carrying the virus, but this did not hinder the national panic and caused the salmon to be removed from the supermarket. This truly made the salmon “dead without closing eyes” (A literal translation of a Chinese proverb implying gross injustice). There was a “scape-goat” in ancient times and a “scape-salmon” today.

Salmon has set off a hotspot on the Internet. There is no doubt that this is under the  CCP’s manipulation of public opinions, and its purpose is nothing more than the following.

First, it was to distract everyone’s attention and cover up the important fact that the CCP does not know the source of the virus outbreak in Beijing. For the officials in Beijing who manage the city “under the feet of the emperor”, this was a disaster that could trigger anger from the emperor and complaints from the public. So, their strategy is to throw out the salmon and divert everyone’s attention; then extend to the main source of imported salmon: that is Norway (such as in Sina’s report), not only condemning the “unbearable and evil breeding site of salmon”, but also using scientists to suggest that the virus came from Europe.

Second, it was to make full use of foreign trade and import control to influence and attack on foreign governments. The most recent example is Australia, who criticized the CCP’s government for covering up the pandemic. As a result, the CCP stopped importing beef from Australia and imposed an 80.5% tariff on imported barley as retaliation. In 2010, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Norway awarded the peace prize to Mr. Liu Xiaobo, who was still imprisoned by CCP, in recognition “for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China.”. Immediately afterward, the Chinese Communist Party dramatically reduced salmon imports from Norway and terminated negotiations on fishery cooperation.

Fortunately, the Chinese people are not fooled so easily any more. Several scholars and “internet citizens” got up and called justice for salmon: how can salmon carry pneumonia virus without lungs?

The old Chinese saying goes: “you are a knife and cutting board, and I am a fish”, implying that I am at your mercy. The virus was found on the cutting board of salmon, which can be blamed for the salmon. And the virus that has been rampant on the Chinese land can also be blamed for the bad habits of the Chinese eating wild animals. In short, the CCP is always a “great, glorious, and correct” party. It is not a problem of the CCP, but a problem of the Chinese people. Salmon cannot speak and write. Their grievances can only be reflected in their eyes that cannot be closed. The Chinese can speak well, having one of the longest histories of human beings with written records. But on the CCP’s cutting boards today, 1.4 billion Chinese can only keep their eyes open and let the party slaughter them silently. Poor salmon, poor Chinese.

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