Second Wave in Beijing warned in advance by Miles Guo

Author: Seamoon


(Subtitles:班农粉  风云九萧 )

The Second Wave of CCP virus in Beijing has once again aroused most attention a week after it published the white paper on Covid-19 fight with the purpose of praising CCP’s “great” work on dealing with the virus. Though it may be unexpected to a large group of people, those who have closely followed Miles Guo and Whistleblowers Movement should not be surprised at all as he warned the world long before its happening.

On February 27, 2020, Miles Guo broadcast online sharing his information  and thoughts on the epidemic situation in Beijing. He had estimated that Beijing would become the epicenter of CCP virus, not Hubei, not Wuhan. He also listed several places including Jade Spring Hill, West Hill, Phenix Hill to further west and Fragrant Hill Artillery Camp, which share a common feature that all of them have restaurants named Xiangeqing. Those restaurants, especially the one in Badachu of West Hill, are run by many people from Hubei and they do a lot of business with the military. Therefore, they must  have increased the potential risks of CCP virus in Beijing.

Now, almost two months later, what he said is verified.

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Jun. 18, 2020