Would Yang Jiechi dare to curse Secretary Pompeo in face?

Author: Seamoon

One of the hottest topics recently must be the Hawaii Talks between Secretary Pompeo and China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi. Although China’s foreign ministry has not confirmed the meeting, the spokesman Zhao Lijian on Monday said communications were continuing between the two sides. Regardless of the issue that will be covered in this meeting, there is one thing that worths our attention, which is after those mouthpieces constantly slamming and defaming Secretary Pompeo, why is there a huge shift of the attitude?

From the timeline below, we can clearly see that over the past 2 months, those mouthpieces have never ceased to target at Secretary Pompeo and have called him all kinds of vicious names. For example, on April 22, 2020, there was this article on guancha.cn taking Pompeo’s words in an interview out of context. It said that Pompeo had admitted by himself that he was a lier, a cheater and a thief, which was actually a joke that he was giving to the audience back then as a pure presentation skill. And then on 4 consecutive days

from April 27 to 30, CCTV and People’s daily joined the army of criticizing Secretary Pompeo, only this time, their words were more vicious and shameful. They said that Pompeo had committed for sins and spread political virus around the world. Even when this Hawaii Talks is planned, on June 16, the article on guancha.cn was still gloating that Secretary Pompeo failed to call for the confrontation with China when having the videoconference with European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and the foreign ministers of the EU’s 27 member states. How would this help with the tension between China and the U.S?

Another question is when Yang Jiechi does have the meeting with Secretary Pompeo, would he be “brave” enough to continue calling names in front of Secretary Pompeo like those mouthpieces have done? Or, this is another trick of CCP taking advantage of the Great Fire-wall of China to lie to its own people while cursing American politicians at their back yet being pretentious and seemingly cooperative when facing them? If so, how could anyone trust the promises given by CCP on the negotiating table?

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Jun. 17, 2020