CCP Claims its Vaccine is “Ready” without Clinical Trial!

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On June 12, Global Times reports that all the state-owned enterprise employees can volunteer to get CCP’s COVID-19 vaccines prior to travelling overseas, even though the vaccines are still being developed without proof of being safe or effective (in stage II trial only). They concluded that COVID-19 cases are “decreasing” within China while overseas are still prevalent with infections and it is a good testing opportunity for human trial in this way. The CCP’s “experts” suggest that this can help its phase III of drug testing prior to release to the public. CCP is in the race to be the first to release vaccines to the world without respecting biological safety or ethics yet again. 

The vaccine, as reported by Bloomberg, which is “jointly developed by Beijing Institute of Biological Product and China National Biotec Group Co, has completed phase II testing and may be ready for the market at the end of this year or early next year.” It further reports that “so far, China has 5 vaccines developed by domestic companies that are being tested on human, the most in any country.” CCP is determined to win the race to a vaccine and will disregard the standard of the data collection from the clinical trial. Instead, they make claims and lie about their success, business as usual. Phase III of a clinical trial usually involves up to 3,000 participants who have the condition that the new medication is meant to treat, or it is to test a new vaccine that is designed to prevent people from getting a certain disease or infection. Trials in this phase can last for several years. CCP already suggested that in China, there is not enough CCP virus samples for them to collect for an accurate and elaborate Phase III trial. Their plan now is to simply send those “volunteers” overseas after “vaccination” where 7.2 million people have been infected with over 400,000 thousands deaths, till date. By setting up the stage for later propaganda, their portray of having few cases in China is to bolster the story of their “success” in combating the first wave of infection. This is through dramatically manipulating the actual infected numbers to win trust from the world. At the time of writing, Beijing is already starting to report clusters of “new cases” in the second wave of infection.

Even in China, experts do not agree with this phase III trial methodology. In times like this, global travel restriction is not lifted yet, and plenty of countries are still restricting Chinese nationals from entering their country. Not all “vaccinated” participants will get to travel at the end. In CCP’s data collection process, what is the standard set for “effective & successful vaccine” case? Furthermore, even if one can travel, stay-at-home order or movement restriction is still enforced in many areas, so the vaccinated participants may not get exposed to the coronavirus overseas and it is not a true test for the effectiveness or efficacy. Sporadic results or data in such trials may not have too much of scientific significance. The conditions are not set up properly to determine the outcome: positive or negative. A typical clinical trial needs at least the controlled and non-controlled groups to determine the confidence level: one group would get vaccinated while the other group would have placebo while putting both groups under observation. With the interest of saving thousands of lives in this case, clinical trial process can be shortened.

At the time of pandemic, the vaccines may be classified as for “emergency use” and the phase III trial can be waived under judicious risks and benefits assessment by experts. Nonetheless, when the participants travel overseas, they may not be in the close proximity of test bed clinics for their continuous monitoring and collecting daily sample. This may distort the scientific data significantly. The duration of travel may not be the same, which is another factor to distort the data. Due to CCP’s well-known habits of stealing intellectual properties all over the world, other countries are wary of CCP’s participation in their research projects, and recent reports have revealed that CCP has attempted to steal vaccines research results from other labs by hacking. This behavior is contraindicating their claim of having an effective vaccine. The virus is highly mutable, and this could render the vaccine useless. Careful studies must be carried out in a scientific manner. 

It becomes an open secret that transparency does not exist under CCP’s roof. From hiding actual infected cases to the origin of CCP virus everything is still a mystery. To achieve supremacy to the world, CCP continues to fabricate fake news to confuse the public and research communities. At the beginning, they promoted propaganda that Wuhan was well and healthy, even after the lockdown with unknown number of deaths. Now, they are propelling propaganda that they are close to the success of a vaccine. Lies like this have been going on for last 70 years. Things may not be the same as what you hear, or see. 

CCP is not as strong as it looks, they lack in innovative and creative mindset. Innovation and invention requires tremendous amount of effort, talents and financial means through a laborious journey. However, this is not easy in CCP corrupted world; research is always fraud with missing fund. In a blog put written in 2009 from a professor in Auto industry that they were awed to see how others car manufacturer are at advanced stage of vehicle development auto show, and even showcase their products openly. In the blog it says that in CCP research arena, “The spread of financial fraud in academia and science and technology has reached an inexhaustible point, and the industry has far from the strength to achieve its own high-tech breakthrough!”. Her pride was defeated that they felt ashamed to showcase their assembled cars with others’ technologies. She realized that living under the CCP propaganda inside the firewall was so backward. Even today, the mindset has not changed much; they cannot innovate quickly they can produce vaccines through espionage and claiming their success as their own. When they do steal them, they are going to hail it as a Chinese victory and a first to win the race: (Like the light bulb borrowing the light from the sunset to generate shine, in the above picture.) And coerce the world with the vaccines perhaps into an unfavorable trade deal. Face saving is important in CCP culture. 

With their haphazard approach of conducting a human trial where testing conditions not properly setup. A non-systematic test bed with too many variables, CCP in either case would classify the outcome as “success”.  In that case, why be taken in from what they say, let’s wait to watch how many lives they actually saved. Always be wary of them. 


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1 year ago

Has CHINA verified the vaccine injected test cases are NOT contagious? And why sent patients injectected with COVID19 vaccine to ‘foreign’ countries? Sounds like a way to spread it more!! I do remember the fiasco with the Polio vaccine, which was pulled from distribution was due to giving polio to those near the injected children in Haiti.

1 year ago
Reply to  JEC

There is a saying out there “if CCP still around, there is going to be a second wave”. An excuse to send people out under the pretense of vaccine….yeah right!


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