Another Lung Transplantation Completed: Origin of the organ remained unknown

Author:  GS

On June 14, an article reproduced by NetEase News proudly announced that there has been a successful lung transplant reported by the hospital in Wuhan. The patient, Cui Zhiqiang, is a victim of CCP virus, who once reached severe stage and was the first patient receiving lung transplant surgery in Hubei Province. He first showed CCP virus symptoms on January 23, then ran his course through ventilator, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) therapy, and lung transplantation in the 90 days afterwards. He was once very near death and is now back to life after a successful lung transplant surgery in Wuhan University Renmin Hospital. Mr. Cui remains hospitalized, but he sees the hope of being able to go home soon.

On January 23, Mr. Cui started having high fever. His symptom raised the alarm since it met the criterion of a possible CCP virus case. The family decided to let Mr. Cui quarantine himself due to the overly-crowded hospital situation. Mr. Cui and his family started living in separate rooms so as to spare the risk of transmitting the disease. After a week of self-quarantine, Mr. Cuis symptoms were not relieved. He went to the nearest hospital and got a CT scan, which indicated infection in his lungs. On February 7, Mr. Cui had a nucleic acid-based test with the community support. He was tested positive and was immediately hospitalized at the Hospital of Wuhan Red Society. On February 17, his health condition deteriorated quickly and he was put on ventilator. The ECMO therapy was initiated after he was transferred to the Wuhan University Renmin Hospital. His test results turned negative multiple times during his treatment; however, he was heavily relying on the ECMO and his lung situation was not recoverable.

On April 17, Mr. Cuis daughter, Cui Ying received a phone call informing her of her father being qualified for lung transplant surgery. She was  ecstatic about how lucky her father was as only 2 out of 9 patients on ECMO were qualified for this opportunity. She signed the lung transplant consent on April 18 and a matching lung was found quickly on April 20. A six-hour surgery was completed successfully on April 21. Mr. Cui was removed from ECMO on April 23rd and he started rehabilitation exercises on May 4th.

Mr. Cui was the only patient admitted to the infectious disease ward during this time; he was attended by ten nurses around the clock. His new lungs were reported to have adapted well to his body and the lung functions are normal. His daughter described him as talking non-stop and looking fantastic every time they spoke on video chat. Moreover, she was so thankful for the government covering their nearly 3 million RMB (around $424,000 USD) medical bill.

This propaganda article unabashedly took pride in the story that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) created another miracle in curing one CCP virus patient through lung transplantation. However, this article only revealed how shameless, deceptive, and fraudulent the regime is.

The source of the lungs is controversial. Mr. Cuis  daughter signed the consent on April 18 and a matching lung was found within 48 hours. This miraculously fast speed raised alarms on the source of the lungs. As is known to all, there is a long waiting list for lung transplantation in normal circumstances. With Mr. Cuis health situation deteriorated in a short period of time due to CCP Virus, the chance of him getting in the line and had match lungs in 48 hours was extremely low. It is also doubtful whether the presumed donor signed a consent at will.

Also, the CCP propaganda strived hard to create glorious stories at all costs. Mr Cuis recovery was partly attributed to the exclusive treatment he had being the single patient in the infectious disease ward with 10 nurses attending to him around the clock. The British Prime Minster, Boris Johnson, had two nurses watching him 24 hours when he was in intensive care after contracting CCP virus. This vividly demonstrated how much cost the CCP would spare so has to have one successful story to brag about.

Last but not least, theres no free lunch under CCPs rule. Mr. Cuis daughter claimed that they incurred no out of pocket expenses when facing the nearly 3 million RMB (around $424,000 USD) medical bill. This might be the case for her family, but all the other hundreds of thousands of patients, who were not selected to be part of miracle to create by the CCP, are facing huge medical bills and they are obliged to pay.


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Jun. 16, 2020