RSC proposal offers 130+ solutions to counter CCP, Russia, Iran and other U.S. adversaries

On Jun 10, the Republican Study Committee (RSC) released The RSC National Security Strategy: Strengthening America & Countering Global Threats (click here to view the full proposal), offering 130 solutions to counter America’s most aggressive global adversaries, including the TOUGHEST SANCTIONS EVER PROPOSED by Congress against the Chinese Communist Party, Russia the Putin regime, and Iran. The proposal also includes commonsense, result-oriented reforms to counter authoritarian influence within the United Nations (U.N.), ensure U.S. foreign aid is working to promote American interests and values and modernize U.S. diplomacy and the State Department. 

Some even described the proposal as an “atomic bomb” due to sanctions on Chinese kleptocrats: “Once implemented, the US-CCP relationship will reach a point of no return. It will shake the Chinese political arena like a mega-earthquake” for these reasons:

  • Once those kleptocrats’ vast assets are exposed by the US, the CCP will be too ashamed to face the nation
  • As many of the kleptocrats are just proxies for others, exposing one will expose all his connections.

For example:

  • Han Zheng‘s oversea asset is estimated to be $3.1 billion US dollar. He is the proxy for the “Shanghai Gang” including Jiang Zeming, and Zeng Qinghong, etc. His position as Vice Premier was granted by the “Shanghai Gang”. The US has compiled a list of his assets in western countries including those under the names of third parties like his mistresses.
  • Wang Yang, representing the “Communist Youth League”, has been maintaining a less-corrupted image. His daughter, Wang Xisha, worked as the former Vice President of Deutsche Bank in Hong Kong. She is married to Zhang Xinliang, the grandson of Zhang Aiping. Zhang Xinliang, a former employee of billionaire investor George Soros’s family office, started his own Hong Kong-based hedge-fund company, Magnolia Capital Management Ltd.
  • Xia Baolong represents the CCP’s supreme leader.

In contrast, 600 million Chinese (43% of the population) live on an average monthly income of $1000 yuan ($140 US dollar) according to the CCP Premier Li Keqiang.

Please click to view the press-release:

Executive Summary:

Full Proposal:


This proposal has been well received and believed to be highly effective because of the sanctions on individual kleptocrats.

“The freezing of their oversea assets can make them feel the pain directly.” as put by some political commentators.

The individuals in the sanction list are strategically chosen covering the representatives of all three major interest groups: the “Shanghai Gang”, the “regiment forces of the Communist Youth League” and the CCP’s current supreme leader. Some predicted that the internal conflicts among the political rivals could be further intensified as a result and send the CCP into chaos.

The Chinese netizens have noticed that the CCP is softening its tone toward the US in recent days. Instead of harsh criticisms, People’s Daily began to praise the friendship between the two countries while bashing “some American politicians” for making trouble.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will meet with China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi in Hawaii. Some netizens believed that Mr. Pompeo might give the CCP the ultimatum or CCP could beg for its survival as it did after the June 4th massacre on Tiananmen Square in 1989.

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Hilarious! Beijing Biden won’t even be the Democrat nominee!

I suggest Pompeo ask his CCP counterpart how terrified Winnie the Pooh is right now.

Also I will change my name to “Miles Guo” and I will gladly step in to meet with whatever communist they want. Better quadruple your security, gentlemen.


[…] RSC proposal offers 130+ solutions to counter CCP, Russia, Iran and other U.S. adversaries […]

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