Miles on Buying Islands and CCP Hack

By 老姜, abba

Yesterday, a CCP backed Australian named Pan Linzhen, publicly released the social security numbers (SSN) of Mr. Lu De and his family members, committing a serious U.S. criminal offense. This action confirms the existence of breaches of U.S. consumer credit report databases by the CCP. According to the Stanford University’s Cyber Security Information Report, Western media can repost any propaganda created by the CCP without legal repercussions. It is the goal of the CCP to create fake news, and afterwards order their undercover spies and followers, situated elsewhere around the world, to share and repost their propaganda. This exemplifies the penetrative control that the CCP has on American social media. It also explains why the CCP has been investing massive amounts of money and labor toward spreading propaganda and building big data out of people’s private information in the Western countries over the past 3 years. It just goes to show that the CCP is absolutely terrified of Miles Guo. This report has gained the undivided attention of the U.S. government. Because of the extensive partnership with the CCP in the past, Stanford University has been penetrated by the CCP the deepest. What worries President Trump and Secretary Pompeo the most is the CCP’s control of American social media as it will influence the upcoming presidential election, as well as promote social unrest. Concerns about Joe Biden’s presidential challenge is the last thing on their lists. Therefore, we need to study and broadcast the content of the Cyber Security Information Report extensively.

The future of GTV is to develop into an end-to-end encrypted information commerce platform, transforming global intelligence information into services and products to serve various clients and markets. The most important aspect of GTV is that it will utilize two types of currencies, one is a stablecoin that can be redeemed for the U.S. dollar, the other, a gold standard “mother coin.” As influences of Facebook and Twitter dwindle in the future, Mr. Bannon’s War Room and our GTV will rise. When the CCP’s firewall collapses, these two media will have unlimited potential at influencing the world.

The New Federal State of China will need to gather a lot of skilled and talented people in sectors including but not limited to national defense, security, international relations, diplomacy, arts, education, and especially finance. We will establish bases in the United States, Japan, Europe, and Australia. Within the United States, the New Federal State of China will establish bases in Phoenix, New York State, and Connecticut. Further announcements on talent acquisition will be published on Miles’ Getter on GTV. The New Federal State of China will, in the future, acquire at least two or three islands around the world, in the hopes of building an unarguably beautiful and prosperous entity, providing oversight to a CCP-less new China, assisting the it in becoming a country that is democratic, lawful and free.

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“According to the Stanford University’s Cyber Security Information Report, Western media can repost any propaganda created by the CCP without legal repercussions.” That’s the problem. Americans for the most part, and anyone who has ever set foot in an American airport, have been brainwashed by the MSM. That means Winnie the Pooh can sculpt the message he wants Americans to hear and that is ORANGE MAN BAD. Trump has never had a fair fight since he took the Oath of Office. It was always been a five or six on one fight constantly and most times the odds are worse… Read more »

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Jun. 13, 2020