CCP Now Openly Involves in Hong Kong’s Local Education

Author: FineFood

The Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council, a body of the CCP’s central government, has openly denounced the recent activities purporting to say “no” to the national security law among Hong Kong’s students. Names of activists were also being called. The spokesperson even commented that education had unquestionably deviated from the correct direction of the principle of the “one country, two systems” in many schools of Hong Kong, and the “correct direction” means to love the country.

Readers are reminded that “to love the country” carries a different meaning under the discourse of the CCP. It does not simply mean “to be patriotic”. The “Constitution” of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that China is to be led by the CCP. It follows that if you “love the country”, you should not challenge the legitimacy of the existence, leadership, and the status of representation of the Party; dissents are unconstitutional and against the law.

In a civilised, democratic society, political parties are candidates to be chosen by electorates as delegates to administer public affairs. But the CCP grants themselves the absolute power of control upon China and now wish to impose such view in the brains of students through teachers.

Educational matters are clearly part of the internal business of the special administrative region, unlike matters of defence and diplomacy. The international community cannot be fooled to allow the CCP to break their promises for the high degree of autonomy of Hong Kong. Patriotism and national security are the CCP’s tools for covering their authoritarian nature.


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Jun. 12, 2020