Living in the Lie – How does CCP Brainwash in China EP 83

Date: June 10 2020

This series will show the news Chinese regular people watching every day. It includes top politic or living related hot topics mainland Chinese are caring about every day. Most of the contents are from Weibo, Wechat, Tencent News and other so called “CCP mainstream media”.

Please remember: They are almost all the resources mainland Chinese can see because of the firewall.

1. CCP News: The shortage of rabies vaccine in many places has shown signs last year. Expert: Not all animal bites should be vaccinated.

Personal view and notes: This is the logic of the CCP. If there is a lack of a certain medicine, CCP will find various reasons to deceive the people.

2. CCP News: Without Chinese students, how much will Australia lose?

Personal view and notes: The CCP has been threatening Australia, simply because it cannot accept that the Australian government’s tries to find out the source of the Coronavirus.

3. CCP News: Hong Kong Security Director: A new departments will be set up to implement the “Hong Kong National Security Law” under the leadership of the Police Force “Big Brother”

Personal view and notes: The CCP quickly promoted the National Security Law in Hong Kong and tried to implement it as soon as possible.

4. CCP News: China won! Good news from Germany: 28 countries kneel down to China.

Personal view and notes:  In this article, CCP tries to tell people that there are there are 28 countries that will use Huawei. It also says that once China takes over global 5G, China will become a leader and unbeatable.

5. CCP News: The central government announced a big decision, the opportunity to change lives finally appeared

Personal view and notes:  In this article, CCP tries to tell people that Hainan Province will replace Hong Kong as the world’s economic and financial center, and China’s economy will be better.

6. CCP News: The Trump administration has improved China’s world power, and experts published articles saying that Trump is actually helping China

Personal view and notes:  In this article, CCP tries to tell people that Trump made many wrong decisions during the pandemic and riots, and he gave the CCP a chance to become a world leader. The United States will collapse and be defeated.

7. CCP News: Just now, the hot search on Weibo was suspended.

Personal view and notes:  The CCP’s censorship system has become increasingly strict, and the CCP does not allow anyone to express different opinions anywhere.

Reporter: Longwood

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