Deep Web: assassin’s AD to “poison” targets in Hong Kong

An advertisement in Deep Web written in traditional Chinese posted in February has been exposed. The price to “poison” commoners or officials in Hong Kong ranged from $80-150K US dollars.

CCP’s top kleptocrat Wang Qishan, who is the Vice President of the illegitimate regime, had shown off according to Miles Guo that 50% of the Deep Web (Dark Net) traffic and transactions involved the CCP.

The CCP thrived in China in its early days as an underground party. Now it is repeating the same tactics in the Deep Web.

The term Deep Web (or Dark Net) refers to networks and sites hidden from most Internet users and accessible only to those shrouded in anonymity who seek to buy and sell illegal goods ranging from drugs to stolen data and fake IDs.

Some netizens even link this AD to the use of the CCP virus to kill targets

Chinese dissident Miles Guo has warned the US and European officials months ago that the CCP has been spreading the virus intentionally to throw the free world into chaos. The pandemic and riots unfolding in front of our eyes proved the accuracy of his information.

Some people link the assassin’s AD to the CCP virus for these reasons as discussed on the Lude Show on June 8th:

  • The potential targets are broadly ranged from commoners to officials.
  • The price is high; $80K-$150K to poison a commoner and over $150K to poison an official. The potential use of viruses can justify the high price.
  • The poison is not traceable according to the AD. Regular poisons can leave some trace, but the CCP-virus is not traceable.
  • The AD guaranteed low risks to avoid police investigations because the “poison” is non-traceable.
Picture above: Hong Kong professional assassin’s order link on Deep Web
Picture above: Hong Kong professional assassin’s order link on Deep Web
Picture above: Hong Kong professional assassin’s order detail page on Deep Web. VOG volunteer GM22 shared this picture in Discord.

Translation of the Deep Web AD

Deep Web Chinese Transaction Forum


Normally, poison is used as a method. The poison is not traceable medically.


We can guarantee that the case will be too hard to be investigated after the target is killed by poison, because the poison is not traceable. It (the cause of death) will not be suspected in Hong Kong to avoid turning clients into suspects.


  1. After purchasing an initial consultation, please use tg (telegram) for communication. We will send the price to the client after complexity and risk analysis. The consultation will take less than two weeks.
  2. With the agreement from the client for action and price, the assassination will be completed within a week

Consultation of fee of $300 US dollars (officials will have additional fee)

will be used to investigate the daily routines of the target

Price (for assassination)

commoners: $80-150K US dollars (depending on the complexity)

officials/businessmen: over $150K US dollars. Please purchase the initial consultation before discussing details.

Online daily. Please leave a message if you are interested.

(Credits: the person who took the initial screenshots is unknown. GM22 shared the order detail picture in VOG Discord. Mr. Lude covered this topic during his daily broadcast on June 8th after someone shared the information with him possibly via Twitter)

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