Harvard and MIT researchers’ discoveries support the claims of Lude Media that CCPvirus was genetically engineered to infect humans with more efficiency than animals

Australian Scientist Found out the Coronavirus had been optimised to adapt human than any other animals. American Harvard & MIT Joint Study Team found out the Virus was adapted to human bodies directly without mutation process. 

 Australian scientist made a show on Sky News Australia, his corresponding paper has also been published.He reveal his studies on Covid-19, among all the animals, only human’s ACE2 was most suitable for binding. 

Research of Australian Virologist and Canadian Scientist concluded the same result: Virus was optimised to adapt human not other animals. 

Four Steps of Scientific Test by Australian Scientist, Prove CCP Virus was optimized to infect human. 

BIORXIV paper: Statistics provide study foundation for scientists. SARS experienced stages of mutations after infection to human. Covid-19 merely experienced NO mutations from entering human cells. 

By statistics, sample of virus, chart of animal and human, concluded that there was NO intermediate hosts at all.  Adaptation of human to virus is most strong. 

If go for court case, the jury shall support the statement of the paper. Logic analysis is crucial. Harvard & MIT team article was important, it proved the virus directly infect human without intermediate host, the virus never spread between animals before. 

We call CCP to announce its RaTG13 sequence original document. Whistle-blower Movement had information from insiders. We dare to challenge Shi Zhengli’s RaTG13 sequence, otherwise we could never touch the truth. 

Editor: KK, Alia

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1 year ago

From a NATURE article, discussion on insertion of ACE2 into BAT SAR-COVID-2..in2013…the Wuhan lab has been working on this for a long time.. bat ACE2 were confirmed by western blot or immunofluorescence assay. plasmids were transfected to HeLa cells. After 24 h, lysates of HeLa cells expressing human, civet, or gene was cloned into pCDNA3.1 with KpnI and XhoI, and verified by sequencing. Purified ACE2 fragments were amplified using forward primer bAF2 and reverse primer bAR2 (ref. 29). The ACE2 was synthesized from total RNA by reverse transcription with random hexamers. Full-length bat ACE2 extracted from bat rectal tissue using… Read more »

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